Newborn photo sessions

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions on our blog about the


as props for baby or newborn photo shoots. More and more professionals are looking for new materials and accessories for their studios, seeking the comfort of the little ones.

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In particular, for newborn photography, you need to be very careful to have a safe place to lay the baby down, where it will not fall, is comfortable and will be steady to set the baby’s pose. For this purpose, round puffs with a large
round puffs of large diameter
usually 90cm or 100cm. The puff is a very useful tool for photographers. The key is in its filler, the

polystyrene bead

has a recovery memory and molds perfectly to the body.

round soft fiaka
Fiaka Round Puff (click to view)
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Although the round soft is the standard, you can also use other types of puff, such as the ball-shaped ones.


bkf chairs
or rigid cubes, very good options to have as props in photography studios. They are very versatile and will serve you repeatedly.

other puff for photographers
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Another frequently asked question is color. To achieve luminous photographs, it is advisable to use light colors. Normally beige is used , which bounces less light than white and also combines with everything, especially within the range of pastel colors. Another option is to have several colors and combine them with other fabrics and accessories.

Children's Photography
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Newborn photography
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Although the puff is usually covered with fabrics and blankets of different textures and colors depending on the session and the desired effect, it is always advisable to choose a color that is easy to combine, since we can use it on other occasions, such as communion, maternity, Christmas or children’s photography.

Photo child in giant puff
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Baby Photo on Big Puff
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And if you are not a professional, but you are thinking of doing a newborn session with your baby, here is a very interesting link where a studio explains the steps they follow to do newborn photo shoots, step by step:

Photos with your baby
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And if you’re up for it, you can always create your own studio at home!

Round Puff at home
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And, of course, we say goodbye to this post with some baby pictures. The result speaks for itself.

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Baby photo
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New born photo
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Newborn session
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