Receive your guests or your clients, with the stylish touch and comfort given by the Fiaka´s design stools. Stools are the ideal furniture pieces for creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere, both in cafes and bars, and our own home. We have an extensive stools catalogue with all the sizes, finishes and styles. Both if you are looking for a Nordic design stool for your kitchen or for your bar counter, and if you are looking for anindustrial, classic or vintage stylestool, you are in the right place. In Fiaka, you´ll find cheap and excellent quality stools, handmade pieces which combine comfort, versatility and practicality because they are designed for making the most of the space. Take a look at our new range of stools, inspired by the most influential designers of the 20th century, which will give a personality touch to your room.

Stools are pieces which are getting more and moreprominence in homes, mainly, due to their comfort and functionality.

Although this kind of piece is linked, mainly, to bars counters and summer terraces, it´s is becoming more and more common to see in home kitchens, since they are very comfortable to sit on them for eating.

It´s the perfect seat for informal meetings. It´s a kind of piece which manages to create arelaxed and casual atmosphere.

If you want your guests to feel comfortably, don´t forget to include this element when you design your kitchen or establishment inside. But, as well as that relaxed touch that we give to our home, stools are very useful for making the most of the space when it´s limited.

By choosing the decorative style that we are looking for and with a little ingenuity, we can play with its layout and combine different models to create an exclusive space full of modernity. Remember that, nowadays, there is a wide range of stools with different designs, materials and decorative styles.

The stool is a piece which provides seat in a comfortable and easy way. To sit down on one of them, it isn´t necessary to bend down nor making efforts to stand up. This can be and advantage for many people.

It´s very comfortable to sit on them, but it´s important to havebreakfast bars or high tables to the correct height. They are mainly designed for being sat on themfor a short period of time, such as the breakfast duration, a quick lunch, having a snack or dinner.

In Fiaka, we have increased our stools catalogue so that you find the one which best adjusts to your personal needs or preferences. You´ll be able to easily buy online stools of any type, material or decorative style.

You will always find the one which best adjusts to your tastes or needs: made of wood,metal, with back or without it, adjustable or fixed, padded, of vintage, Nordicor industrial style Options are infinite!. All our products are resistant and very durable, perfect for a continuous use.

Remember that, the cushions, backs or footrests are some elements which always provide an extra comfort :)

Next, we are going to name some types of stools depending on their features.

Types of stools depending on some of their features

  • Stools without back: This stools are specially made for acting as seats for a short time. It´s important that the person, who is going to sat on it, has a place to rest the arms and elbows in order to release the body weight. In our catalogue, we have a wide range of stools without back as well as low benches which are ideal to be used in a kitchen table without taking up much space, since it can be kept under the table when we aren´t going to use them. In fact, this is one of the benches without back best features since they are easily kept under the table or the breakfast bar.
  • Stools with back: These pieces allow you torest the lumbar region on them, so they are more comfortable than the ones without back. Nevertheless, at the moment of going for this kind of seat, we must take into account where we are going to place it and the space it takes up so thatit remains properly kept when we aren´t going to use it, mainly if we have a small space. Luckily, we have the adjustable stools, which allow us to modify their height so they are an excellent option at the moment of keeping them.

Depending on the height, we can differentiate between high and low stools.

  • High stools: they are specially used in breakfast bars and high tables. This means,the typical benches that we find in bars.
  • Low stools: they are seats normally used for an occasional use and for sitting on it for a short time. They are very comfortable since they can be kept under a table or, even, there are some of them which are folded to make their storage easier.

Wood, steel, aluminium, plastic, polypropylene, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), polycarbonate, rattan… These are the most usual materials for stools

  • Wooden stools: they are a classic. There are several types of wood (beech, pine, walnut…) and finishes,so we can find them in natural wood, varnished, lacquered…The wooden stools perfectly combine with all the decorative styles. From the most traditional ones to the most contemporary ones. They are stools which fill our home with warmth and familiarity which have always been so characteristic of the wooden furniture.
  • Metal stools: they are very fashionable in the last few years, mainly due to the industrial decorative trend. They are ideal for giving an industrial and urban touch to our decoration. The metallic stools are made of extremely resistant materials, ideal for a daily use. It´s usual to find metallic stools which also have wooden parts. Their seat area is normally padded, although we can always add small cushions. These stools are available in a wide colours range, which will allow you to provide an exclusive, fresh and full of vitality touch to your room.
  • Resistant plastic stools: the plastic ones use to be lighter and cheaper, but that doesn´t mean that they are less stable or of inferior quality. They are suitable for outdoors. Their finish is very shining and, thanks to its smooth surface, they are very easy to clean.
  • Outdoor stools:they can be made of different materials (wood, plastic, metal, rattan, etc). The important thing is that the material is specific for withstanding adverse weather conditions, cold, humidity, etc.

Other factor to bear in mind, at the moment of choosing our stool, is themobility grade.

We also have pieces whose height can be modified in order to adjust to every room needs. The high stools are perfect for bar counters or high tables, and the low stools are designed to comfortably accommodate your guests around a coffee table.

This versatility stimulates the ingenuity at the moment of designing our space.

  • Fixed stools: their structure can´t be adjusted. This gives them a great stability and stiffness. Nevertheless,we won´t be able to adjust them at the desired height.
  • Adjustable height stools: Normally, this type of seats are made up by a single vertical leg which has a gas cylinder inside it. We can adjust its height by means