Garden Furniture Covers

In this section, you can find custom-made covers for protecting the garden furniture. These covers help us to keep this outdoor furniture pieces intact from season to season and to protect them from the adverse weather conditions, rain, dust, humidity and UV rays.


Active filters

In many cases, we haven´t enough space for keeping the garden furniture or it´s a nuisance to disassemble every piece for keeping them. For this reason, it´s very usual to leave them uncovered outdoors.

Nevertheless, although the pieces are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, the ideal thing is to cover them with a special cover.

Theoutdoor furniture covers and the garden furniture waterproof covers are specially manufactured for protecting the furniture both from the rain, sun, dirt and dust. Although you can´t keep your pieces, these are going to be totally protected.

It´s important to take into account that not every cover works, since it must meet certain qualitiesto guarantee the furniture correct protection.

It´s important that it´s a custom-made cover which totally covers the piece. As well as beingresistant, of good quality,withUV protection, waterproof and made of a material which is easy to wash.

in Fiaka, we bear in mind all those aspects and, for this reason, our covers meet all those requirements so that your garden furniture pieces always have the best use conditions.

Garden Furniture Nylon Covers

The outdoor furniture covers are made of nylon, a very resistant fabric. The nylon is an elastic and resistant textile fibre, it isn´t attacked by moths, it doesn´t require ironing and is very easy to clean.

Thanks to its incredible resistance to chemical agents, solvents and abrasion, it´s an ideal material for being outdoors and properly withstanding the extreme weather conditions.

In fact, due to its great hardness and tenacity, this material is ideal for using in pieces which are subjected to a great wear and has a lot of applications in engineering.

UV Coating

in addition, the nylon covers include an UV rays filter, so they properly withstand the exposure to the sun without losing their technical qualities.

Sealed with Textile Silicone

The covers have been waterproofed by means of sealed seams with textile silicone to avoid the penetration of water into the furniture. Your pieces will be totally protected from the rain and humidity!

They adjust 100% to your pieces size

We have garden furniture covers of standard size, ideal for sofas and chairs, tables, loungers and barbecues. We also have special covers for garden pieces with the Fiaka´s pieces measurements and we also offer the option of customising them.

You just have to give us the measurements of the piece or pieces, which you want to protect with the cover, and we´ll manufacture a special one that perfectly adjusts to your furniture.

We manufacture custom-made covers for your terrace or garden furniture so that they protect it from the rain, sun and dust. Thus, when you need your pieces, they will stay clean and in perfect conditions.

Protecting covers for outdoor furniture

We manufacture every kind of garden covers, with the measurements specified by the client so that it has the ideal shape for covering every element, fromchairs, tables, Balinese beds, armchairs, loungers, barbecues, umbrellas, or even, swing seats.

It´s essential to correctly use the cover which must completely cover the piece, properly closed.

We mustcorrectly use its own closures which are included in our outdoor furniture covers, with which we´ll guarantee a constant protection until we open it.

How to clean garden furniture covers

The covers cleaning is essential so that they last a long time and stay as the first day. It´s important to clean the covers, when we uncover the pieces, in order to keep them for the time when we aren´t going to need them.

Thanks to the materials with which they are manufactured, it´s very easy to clean them. We can machine wash them, by choosing the appropriate programme for washing nylon fabrics.

Other option is to hand wash them, with a little neutral soap and water. We can either completely remove the cover from the piece and put it in the bathtub or in a wide space which allows us to comfortably wash them.

Other option is to wash them ,when are still covering the piece, with the help of a damp cloth or sponge. This option is recommended when the cover isn´t dirty. Once the cover is properly clean, we must dry it outdoors to avoid the fungi proliferation.

Once it´s dry, it would be ideal to correctly fold it and keep it in a covered place so that it doesn´t get dirty during the period when we aren´t going to use the garden furniture.

By properly folding them, they take up very little space and we can keep them in anysmall storage space. Then, we will just have to take them out when our pieces need protection again.

If we clean them correctly and take an appropriate care of them, we´ll be able to prolong its durability so they will stay as the first day although we are using them every year.