What kind of furniture can I find in Fiaka?

We have an extensive collection of excellent quality hospitality furniture with exclusive designs. Also, if you don't find the part you need in our catalogue, you just have to ask for it! As simple as that. We will design and manufacture any type of hotel furniture that you need.

We offer hospitality furniture for both indoors and outdoors: tables, chairs, stools, armchairs, sofas... and much more. Choose from an infinite number of models or we can design the one you need.

What finishes do you work with?

Whatever business you have, you have at your disposal various finishes (nautical leatherette, Kenya leather, treated pine wood, wrought iron, etc.) and styles (vintage, industrial, …). Discover our models and select the perfect hospitality furniture for your business.

What aspects must be taken into account when choosing hotel furniture?

The most important thing to take into account, and that should not be overlooked when creating a bar or a restaurant, is, without a doubt, the type of furniture to choose. The decorative style of the premises is a key element to determine what type of hospitality furniture you need. However, we can never overlook factors such as quality, comfort or functionality.

Therefore, being clear about the theme of our catering establishment is a key factor in deciding which style of furniture to buy (industrial, classic, contemporary, vintage, Nordic, etc.). The type of public or the specialty of our hotel business is also important. Hospitality furniture must always have a design in keeping with the service it provides, but without sacrificing the necessary comfort to enrich the diner's experience.

An essential detail is the comfort for the client, although it is indisputable, if we look for the most economical furniture for the hotel industry, it may result that the quality required for the business in terms of decoration and finish is not obtained.

Our advice stems from the great experience we have in this broad market, is that it is preferable to discard certain visual aspects of the decoration that we can give up and look for affordable alternatives and choose comfortable, current and quality furniture for hospitality. No less important aspects are the color and material of the hotel furniture that you want to select.

We can opt for neutral, timeless colors and give it personality through the decorative elements. However, it is always recommended that the furniture include corporate colors that add personality to the establishment, or the logo itself.

Do you manufacture custom furniture?

It is very difficult to find just the type of furniture you need in a catalog. However, at Fiaka we always give our clients the alternative of being able to design exactly the pieces of hotel furniture they need (decide the morphology, what materials to use, colors, finishes, dimensions, etc)./p>

Our strong point, as a factory, is that we make any type of furniture you can imagine. Effective solutions always tailored to your needs!/p>

Do you offer advice on interior design?

Remember that we integrate a team of professional advisers who will study your case in depth to give you the best solutions in interior design. Ask us for a free quote, you won't regret it! /p>

What do we do when a product has ended its useful life?

Wooden furniture is increasingly used in architecture and wood in construction thanks to its durability. Although it has been incorporated into many areas of our daily lives, there are those who are unaware that it can also be completely recycled or extend its useful life. Definitely, human beings are transforming the planet into a huge garbage dump. However, we convince ourselves that everything will have a solution. Likewise, in the eyes of the majority we do not see and are not aware of the great risks that this is having on the ecosystem. At Fiaka we are very aware of this and that is why we want to do our bit to solve this big problem and promote recycling and the durability, useful life, of our furniture. Made from wood from regulated and sustainable production.

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ISO Bureau Beritas

Quality certification

Bureau Veritas is an independent certifying entity that offers services and solutions to ensure that our products, infrastructure and processes comply with standards and regulations regarding quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

At Fiaka we have the quality certification granted by Bureau Veritas which certifies, based on a complete internal audit, that our Management System meets all the necessary requirements to have the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO quality certificates. 14001:2015

This latest ISO 14001:2015 standard defines the criteria for an environmental management system (EMS) that provides assurance that environmental risk is being managed and improved in our company.

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