Square Poufs

The Fiaka´s Square Poufs adjust to any space and style. They can be used as seats or decorative element.

They are poufs which take up little space and are easy to move. Our square poufs are ideal for using as stool both for home and any terrace or garden.

in Fiaka, we have a great range of colours and high resistance materials which turn this pouf into an ideal accessory. It must be said that, nowadays, poufs not only are there in homes, but also in several shops, libraries, cafes, etc.

Whichever business you have, a pouf is an element which easily adjusts to your decoration. It´s very light and you´ll be able to choose between a great variety of sizes.

Combined with upholstered or industrial style tables, these poufs will provide the seriousness and professionality that your business merits. 

Fiaka´s Square Top Poufs

  • Square pouf 45 x 45 x 20: A square soft pouf which is suitable for any atmosphere, providing comfort and versatility. A very practical element for any corner.
  • Square Pouf with Back: it´s a square pouf with a small back, an almost essential piece for any room, sitting room, kitchen, terrace or dining room. A great comfort seat which keeps its shape and is easily combinable with any type of furniture.
  • Cube Rigid Pouf 40 x 40:it´s a comfortable and stable seat which is created to adjust to any kind of rooms such as sitting rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or terraces. This pouf weighs little, so it can be easily moved and, thanks to its measurements, it can be kept in almost every place.

Fabrics to choose for our Round Poufs

  • Synthetic Leather: it´s a high range and very resistant fabric of easy cleaning. It´s designed for indoors use and meets the European quality regulations regarding its components and environmental protection. It isn´t suitable for outdoors.
  • Nautical (Synthetic Leather): The nautical upholstery keeps the synthetic leather visual characteristics, but it has three great advantages compared to this one, it has a fireproof, antibacterial and antifungal fabric. It´s the perfect upholstery for public, sanitary facilities and other kind of equipments. It´s suitable for outdoors.

Advantages of buying in Fiaka

In Fiaka, we are manufacturers, we have an own sewing and blacksmithing workshop, upholstery department and packaging area. We haven´t intermediaries, so you´ll be able to save time and money by directly buying your pouf in our factory. In our shop, you´ll find every type pouf, manufactured with very resistant fabrics and different colours.

With Fiaka, it´s very easy to combine comfort, design and functionality for the poufs of your home, pubs, hotels, chill out, offices or any other establishment. We offer the possibility of manufacturing the pouf which best adjusts to your needs.