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Company Details

All the content on this website, designs, texts and pictures are property of:

  • Fiaka Ambient, S.L.
  • With registered office and postal address in:
  • Pol. Ind. 2 de octubre, Pasaje Garrido Atienza 24
  • 18320 - Santa Fe(Granada)
  • CIF: B 18778084
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: +34 958 52 14 33

Company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Granada , Volume 1208 Book 0 Page 42 Sheet GR-29795.

Payment Methods

Which payment method can I use for making a purchase?

We have the following means of payment:

  • Credit card: the payment is immediately effective so the delivery process is accelerated.

Tarjetas admitidas

  • Bank transfer:the payment can last 24 hours to be effective. Sending us the proof of payment can accelerate the delivery process. Once you have made the purchase, please, send it to
  • Funding through SeQura (payment solutions company): We´ll proceed to immediately process your order (más información).
  • Paypal:Once the order is confirmed, the website will redirect you to the PayPal website, where you´ll have to log in, if you are already a client, and make the payment. Once your payment has been confirmed on the PayPal website, we´ll proceed to process the order.

Why can my credit card be rejected?

Your card can be rejected due to one of the following reasons:

  • The card can be expired. Check that your card doesn´t exceed the validity date.
  • It can have reached the credit card limit. Check with your bank that the card hasn´t exceed the allowed amount to make purchases.
  • It´s possible that any data you have entered is wrong. Check that you have correctly filled all the necessary fields.

How does the fractioned or deferred payment method work?

Pago Fraccionado 

Divide your payment into 3, 6 or 12 monthly fees. Immediate, without paperwork and with just a fixed cost per fee.

How does it work?

  • Choose dividing your payment with SeQura at the moment of making your order and pay only the first fee.
  • Receive your order.
  • The rest of payments will be automatically charged to your card.
  • You can also pay the total amount of your order whenever you want without additional costs.

How much does this service cost?

The service cost is from €3 to €12 per fee, depending on the order price. There aren´t interests nor any additional payment.

  • Less than €50 -> it can´t be divided
  • From €50 to €200 -> €3 per fee
  • From €200 to €400 -> €5 per fee
  • From €400 to €600 -> €7 per fee
  • From €600 to €800 -> €8 per fee
  • From €800 to €1000 -> €10 per fee
  • More than €1000 -> €12 per fee

Delivery and transportation

Where can I receive my order?

You can receive it in whichever address you choose (home, work, etc.).

We don´t send to post office box.

How much time will my order take to arrive?

The delivery times depend on the selected delivery area, products and quantity. In Fiaka Ambient, we work with many courier companies: MRW, Zeleris, Transabadell, Cayco and Eurocargo.

The deliveries by areas are:

Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

The transportation in peninsula is from 24/48 hours, so the orders have a total delivery time from 1-3 working days for standard orders. (It always depends on the stock and final order. Consult in factory)

  • If you make your order before 14:00h, it will be delivered the following day before 19:00h. (It always depends on the stock and model. Consult in factory)
  • Orders made after 14:00h, will be delivered within 48 working hours after 19:00h.

Balearic Islands

The shippings to the Balearic Islands last from 4-5 working days, so the orders have a total delivery time from 5-7 working days for standard orders. (It always depends on the stock and final order. Consult with factory)

Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

These areas have a delivery time from 7-8 working days, so the orders have a total delivery time from10-15 working days for standard orders. (It always depends on the stock and the final order). The customs can delay these times.

Important note about shippings

  • The palletised shippings, in no case, will be unloaded inside home or premises. The courier company will be responsible for choosing the unloading place in the delivery address.
  • These times are subject to stock availability.
  • The special pieces (or great amount of pieces orders) may need a longer delivery time.
  • The customs withholdings or transportation may change the delivery times.

Shipping costs

Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

  • Standard shippings (such as poufs): €9.80/package through MRW 24h.
  • Palletised shippings (such as Balinese beds, sofas or great amounts): €45/pallet through Cayco/Eurocargo/Transabadell (depending on the area and product).

In the case of great amounts, the costs can be modified, so we´ll always contact the client.

Balearic Islands

The shipping to Balearic Islands has a price of €85, VAT included,per box, not per unit, since there are a lot of products which can be shipped in the same box. In the case of large size or great amount orders, you can ask for a personalised estimate by the e-mail In the case of needing to pay a shipping supplement (for example, if it is an order of many pieces), it will be concluded with the client before the shipping, by means of a personalised estimate.

Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

The shipping cost for Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla is €64, plus €15 of export customs expenses (a total of €79), exempt of VAT. As well as the Balearic Islands, this cost is per box and not per item. The client will have to pay the import customs expenses when he/she receives the purchase.

This type of shipping doesn´t include costs related to areas which don´t belong to European Customs Union; so the client will have to pay specified amount when he/she receives the order.

In the case of making a large size pieces order such as sofas or Balinese beds, etc. It´s possible that we contact you in order to offer the best available tariff both for acquired pieces quantity and payable shippings, since they are models which exceed the strict measurements and weight of courier, they could have a payment supplement. This supplement would be concluded with the client before the shipping, by means of a personalised estimate.

Can I track my order progress?

Yes, through 'my account' , in made orders, you´ll be able to see your order progress. You´ll be also given your shipping expedition number, so that you can track as thorougly as possible. If for any reason, you don´t receive it, you can request it by sending an e-mail to or by the phone number +34 958 521 433

For any inquiry related to your purchase process, you can contact us via chat, by the e-mail or by the phone number +34 958 521 433.

How is the home delivery process?

We´ll send you a shipping confirmation e-mail (when your order is about to leave the warehouse), another e-mail with a tracking number (with a link to the courier company website). In case of not receiving that e-mail, you can call us by the phone number +34 958521433 or using our chat service in order to get information about order progress.

What happens if I´m not at home when the courier arrive?

In the case of not being in the specified address at the moment of the delivery, the courier service will make a record or will contact you by telephone. We recommend to contact the courier company or our customer service in order to set the following delivery.

Warranty and Refunds


the outdoor pieces are designed for normal environmental conditions. They aren´t designed for withstanding heavy rains nor stay outdoors during winter. They need to be protected. The bright colours haven´t total resistance to the sunlight. You can see our maintenance advices here.

The bright colours in outdoor nylon fabric reduce its useful life with the repeated solar exposure, this way losing the colour. It won´t be accepted as a complaint. Consult us. An inappropriate use of the material, both a bad treatment and a lack of the recommended maintenance (keeping pieces during winter, pieces stuffing, appropriate cleaning, etc.). Visit this link for further information.

What kind of warranty does the product have?

In case of a defective product, the seller will be able to proceed, as appropriate, to the repair, replacement, price reduction or contract resolution; these processes will be free for the customer and user. The seller answers for the lack of conformity which are expressed within two years since the delivery.

The consumer and user will have to tell the seller about the lack of conformity within two months since he/she knew about it , either by our e-mail or by the phone number +34 958 521 433.

The parties submit, at their choice, for the conflicts resolution and with withdrawal to any other jurisdiction, to the user´s address courts. Additionally, as a subscribing entity to Confianza Online and in the terms of its ethical code, in case of controveries related to the online contract and advertising, data protection and minors protection, the user will be able to make use of the Confianza Online controversies out-of-court settlement system (

FIAKA Ambient has many warranty marks in order to ensure a safe and quality electronic selling. We have the marks of CONFIANZA ONLINE; and warranty of TRUSTED SHOPS


A. Transportation breaks or flaws

If the package is broken, in bad conditions or an improper handling is noticed as a result of the courier´s fault, it´s important to make a record of this on the delivery note, in order to process a complaint with the courier within the following 24h.

Subsequently, you´ll have to contact our customer service through the phone number +34 958 521433 or by an e-mail to, as soon as possible since the order receipt. In the e-mail, it will be necessary to specify the order number and, if it was necessary, provide such incident graphic material (photos).

B. Colour or Model Change

If you want to change the received item by other similar item with other features, colours, etc. First of all, you must contact us by sending an e-mail to with the order and contact data and the change you are requesting. We´ll answer as soon as possible in order to make the change with the price adjustment and the estimated time for the change. The consumer will be in charge of the shipping costs related to the transportation. If the item, which is going to be changed, has a lower price than the purchased one, the difference will be paid back by using the same payment method with which the order was made (always deducting the delivery and collection costs). The change can also be made by a higher price item by paying the difference and the shipping costs related to this change.

The change will be made in the same delivery, the courier will deliver the new product and collect the previous one. It will need to be packed for an optimal shipping. The change will be made within the 14 working days since the order delivery./p>

Remember that the item colours may be different from the ones previewed on the website, and even the same colour fabrics tonalities can vary depending on fabric shipments. The colours can vary on every screen/computer depending on its configuration.

C. Manufacturing defects

If the product is in bad conditions or it is defective, you´ll have to contact our customer service through the phone number +34 958 521 433 or by an e-mail to, as soon as possible since the product receipt by specifying the order number and a brief description of the indicident. If it is necessary, you´ll be asked to provide graphic material (photos) of such incident with the purpose of helping us to find the best solution. The answer maximum time for complaints is of 7 working days.

At all times, you´ll be told about which procedure you must follow. In case of the piece repair or replacement, the courier company will be in charge of collecting the damaged product in the same address where it was initially delivered. the final client/user will have to give the damaged product to the courier by properly packaging it (if it´s possible with the original package). The replaced or repaired piece will be sent within the following 14 working days since the incident communication.

Purchase Withdrawal

in accordance with the normative basis Article 97.1.i) LGDCU (Customers and users Spanish law), you have the right to withdraw the current contract within 14 clear days without justification. The withdrawal period will expire within 14 clear days since you or somebody authorised by you, different from the courier, acquired the goods material possession. The answer maximum period for complaints is of 7 working days.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you´ll have to notify us your decision by post or e-mail to the following address: “Fiaka Ambient, Pol. Ind. 2 de Octubre C/ Garrido Atienza 24, Santa Fe (Granada) Tel. 958 521 433 / E-mail You´ll be able to use the withdrawal form below, although it isn´t mandatory:

To the attention of Fiaka Ambient S.L, (Pol. Ind. 2 de octubre, Pasaje Garrido Atienza 18320 Santa Fe (Granada)

Hereby I/we notify you (*) that I/we withdraw my/our (*) the sale contract of the following good/service (*)
ordered/received (*)
Customer and user or customers and users name
Customer and user or customers and users´address
Customer and user or customers and users´ signature (Only if this form is submitted on paper)”

(*) Filling (Delete where not applicable)

We´ll notify you the document receipt as soon as possible.

To comply within the withdrawal period, you just need that the notification related to the exercise of this right is sent before the specified deadline. In case of withdrawal on your behalf, we´ll pay you back all the payments received from you, including the delivery costs (with the exception of the additional costs related to the election of a delivery method different from the least expensive ordinary delivery method that we offer) without any delay and within a maximum period of 14 days since the date when you notified us your decision of withdrawing this contract.

We´ll proceed to make such refund by using the same payment method as you did for the initial transaction, unless you have stipulated the opposite; in any case, you won´t incur any expense as a result of the refund. We´ll be able to withhold the refund until having received the goods, and checking their conditions (use, cleaning, damages...) in our facilities. The price refund period is of 14 clear days since the order receipt.

You´ll have to give us back or directly deliver the goods to “Fiaka Ambient S.L., Pol. Ind. 2 de octubre, Garrido Atienza, 24, 18320 Santa Fe, Granada” without any delay, in any case, no later than 14 clear days since the date when you notify us your contract withdrawal decision. The period will be considered respected if you make the goods return before this period has expired. You´ll have to pay the goods return direct cost. To return your goods, you must properly package it (if it´s possible with their original package) so that it doesn´t suffer during the return transportation.

You´ll be the only responsible for the goods value decrease as a result of a different handling from the necessary one to keep the goods nature, features and operation.

The following cases won´t be accepted in this returns section

  • Products made according to the customer and user´s specifications or clearly personalised.
  • For hygiene and health reasons, we won´t accept the return of products which aren´t suitable for being returned (for hygiene and health protection reasons) and have been unsealed after the delivery, such as mattresses and bed poufs. With the exception of those which have manufacturing defects and within the 2 following months since the day when the purchase was made.
  • Continuously used products, dirty, damaged or bad handled ones.
  • Goods which can become deteriorated or quickly expired.

Privacy Policy

Personal data protection in accordance with the LOPD (Organic law on protection of personal data)

Fiaka Ambient S.L., in accordance with current regulations about personal data protection, lets know that the personal data, which are collected through the website forms, ( ) are included in the specific automated file of Fiaka Ambient S.L. services users

The personal data collection and automated treatment has the purpose of keeping the business relationship and carrying out information, training and advice tasks as well as other Fiaka Ambient S.L. activities. These data will just be transfered to those entities which are necessary with the only aim of fulfiling the abovementioned purpose.

Fiaka Ambient S.L. takes necessary measures for guaranteing the data safety, integrity and confidentiality in accordance with what is stipulated in the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December, about personal data protection(LOPD).

At any moment, the user will be able to exercise the access, opposition, rectification and cancellation rights recognised in the abovementioned LOPD. These rights exercise can be carried out by the user by sending en e-mail to or in the address Pol. Ind. 2 de octubre, Garrido Atienza, 24, Santa Fe (Granada).

The user states that all the data provided by him/her are true and correct, and he/she commits himself/herself to keep them updated, notifying the changes to Fiaka Ambient S.L.

Data collected by services users

In the cases in which the user includes folders with personal data in shared hosting servers, Fiaka Ambient S.L. doesn´t take responsibility for the user´s LOPD breach.

Data retention in accordance with the LSSI (Information and electronic commerce society services law) Fiaka Ambient S.L. lets know that, as data hosting service provider and in accordance with the Spanish Ley34/2002 of 11th July 11 about information and electronic commerce society services,it withholds the essential information for a maximun period of 12 months in order to identify the hosted data origin and the moment when the service provision started. These data withholding doesn´t affect the communications privacy and they will just be used in the context of a criminal investigation or for safeguarding the public security, making available to the judges and/or courts or the Ministry which requires them. The data communication to the State Forces and Bodies will be made in accordance with the regulations about personal data protection. Intellectual property rights

Fiaka Ambient S.L. is holder of all the copyrights, intellectual property, industrial, "know how" and many other rights related to the website content web and the services offered in this site,
as well as the necessary software for its implementation and the related information. It isn´t allowed to reproduce, publish and/or use (in a non private way) the contents, totally or partially, from the website without the previous and written consent.

Software intellectual property

The user must respect the third party software which are at his/her disposal by Fiaka Ambient S.L., even being free and/or publicly available.

Fiaka Ambient S.L. has the software necessary exploitation and intellectual property rights.

The user hasn´t any right or authorization for the contracted service, about the necessary software for the service provision, nor about tracking service, an exception which comes from the necessary rights and authorizations for the contracted services compliance and just during their duration. For every action which exceeds the contract´s fulfilment, the user will need a written authorization by Fiaka Ambient S.L., being prohibited for the user to access, modify, view the configuration, structure and services folders which belong to Fiaka Ambient S.L., assuming civil and criminal liability related to any incidenct which could occur in the security services and systems as a direct result of a negligent or malicious behaviour on behalf of the client.

Hosted contents intellectual property

The opposite use to the regulations about intellectual property and services provided by Fiaka Ambient S.L. is forbidden and, specially:

the use which turns out to be opposite to the Spanish laws or infringes the third party rights.

The publishing and transmission of any content which, according to Fiaka Ambient S.L., turns to be violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, xenophobic or defamatory.

The cracks, software serial numbers or any other content which infringes the third party´s intellectual rights

The collection and/or use of other users personal data without their express content or contravening what is stipulated in the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, from 13th December, about personal data protection.

The use of the domain mail server and the email addresses for sending massive spam.

the user has all the responsibility for his/her website content, the transmitted and stored information, the hypertext links, the third party´s claims and the legal actions related to intellectual property, third parties´rights and minors protection. The user is responsible in accordance with the current laws and regulations which have to do with online service operation, electronic commerce, copyrights, maintenance of the peace, as well as the internet use universal principles.

The user will compensate Fiaka Ambient S.L. for the costs related to Fiaka Ambient S.L. imputation in any court case whose responsibility is attributable to the user, including legal defence costs and fees and, even in the case of not definitve court decision.

Hosted information protection

Fiaka Ambient S.L. makes back-up copies of the content hosted in its servers, however, it isn´t responsible for the accidental data loss or erasing. In the same way, it doesn´t guarantee the total recovery of the data erased by the users, since those data could have been deleted and/or modified during period of time passed since the last back-up copy. The offered services, except the specific back-up services, don´t include the recovery of the content saved in the back-up copies made by Fiaka Ambient S.L., when this loss is attributable to the user; in this case, a fee will be decided according to the recovery complexity and volume, always by the previous user´s acceptance. The deleted data recovery is only included in the service cost when the content loss is due to causes attributtable to Fiaka Ambient S.L.

Commercial communications

In application of the LSSI. Fiaka Ambient S.L. won´t send advertising or promotional communications by e-mail or other electronic communication method which haven´t been previously requested or expressly authorised by the recipients.

In the case of users with whom there ir a previous contractual relation, Fiaka Ambient S.L. is authorised for sending commercial communications related to the Fiaka Ambient´s products or services which are similar to the ones which, at first, were contracting objective with the client. In any case, the user can request the commercial informations cease through Customer Service channels,after confirming his/her identity.

Cookies Policy

What are cookies used for?

they are widely used to know the website visitor´s activity, with the purpose of improving it through the user´s navigation data storage and recovery.

This website uses cookies, which are small folders that are downloaded in your computer to access to certain websites.The cookies allow a website, among other things, to store and recover information about the user or his/her computer navigation habits and, depending on the information that they contain and the way the computer is used, they can be used to recognise the user.

Cookies types

According to their purpose, the cookies can be:

  • Technical Cookies: are necessary for the navigation. Without them, the website wouldn´t work properly Sin ellas la página no funcionaría adecuadamente ( 'user input' cookies for online shopping baskets, media player session,...).
  • Personalisation or Setting Cookies: allow the website to recognise the user´s language, the font size,...
  • Security Cookies:prevent or complicate the attacks against the website or its users.
  • Analytical Cookies:allow to measure the users´activity and draw up browsing statistics.
  • Advertising Cookies: manage the advertisements frequency and content.
  • Behavioural Advertising Cookies: store information about users in order to show them a personalised advertising.

How do we use cookies in

Cookies are used for statistical and functional purposes, and for improving our services through the analysis of use which is made by our website visitors, including the use of our internet banking services .

As you browse this web, session and persistent cookies are used and they, in turn, can be own or third parties´ cookies.

Cookies types depending on the owner

Own Cookies

The own cookie type are the personalisation cookies. These cookies allow the user to specify or personalise some characteristics of the website general settings. For instance, to adjust the volume settings or the videos view included in the website.

Third Parties´ Cookies

There is a suppliers series which are established by cookies with the purpose of providing certain services. Here below, we show the cookies which are established on this website on behalf of third parties, the purposes for which they are used and the links to websites where further information about cookies can be found:

Cookies Types depending on the use

Analytical Cookies

the Google Analytics cookies are used in order to analyse and measure how the visitors use this website. The information can be used to draw up reports which allow to improve this site. These cookies collect information anonymously, including the website number of visitors, how they have found it and the websites that he/she visited while he/she was browsing on our website.

The application that we use for getting and analysing the browsing information is: Google Analytics (, a Google Inc. analytics service (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies, text files located on your computer, with the purpose of carrying out a