Coffee tables

In this section, you´ll find coffee and auxiliary tables with differentstyles, sizes and shapes. The coffee tables are designed for placing on them the things that you want to have on hand or as a decorative element for filling a space. You can choose a simple auxiliary table, for example, for placing the book that you are reading, the remote controls or a cup of tea. You can buy one for placing decorative objects such as plants, boxes, figures, vases, or even, choosing a storage one with shelves or drawers to keep some everyday objects.

The coffee table is a veryversatile and useful piece which can fullfill a lot of functions, fromfilling an empty space, for placing on it everyday objects and the ones you want to have on hand, or even, for that moment when we want to enjoy a coffee or tea. There are several types of auxiliary tables. For instance, there are liftable coffee tableswhich increase their height so that we can easily eat. Many of them, even have storage, being a very functional piece for organising our objects.

There are some which include wheels in order to make them easier to move, even, there are some which can work both as table and auxiliary seat in case of visits. Options are infinite!

It´s important that the auxiliary table has the ideal size for the place where we have thought that it´s going to be placed, that it adjusts to our needs and, in addition, that its design fits in with our decoration and the rest of pieces which make up the room.

For this reason, in Fiaka, we have awide living room tables catalogue of different styles, so that you always find the model that you are looking for dressing your space.

Types of Auxiliary Tables

Depending on their Materials (Wood, Metal, Glass)

There are tables which have been manufactured with different materials. For the most classic people who always want to get the right election, the wood is, without any doubt, the best option. The metal or glass coffee tables are very contemporary, ideal for homes with personality.

The upholstered coffee tables are original and those of phenolic material are very resistant, ideal for an intensive use.

Depending on the Shape (Rectangular, Round, Square)

Of course, there are tables with different shapes, from the classic ones with round or rectangular shape to the ones with cube shape and different geometric forms.

Depending on the Decorative Style (Nordic, Industrial, Vintage)

The wooden coffee tables are perfect for the classic lovers, they are timeless so never get old-fashioned and adjust to every style, such as the Nordic style, retro, vintage, etc. There are tables which combine wood and metal in order to give an industrial touch.

Depending on the Functionality (Liftable, Storage, Wheels)

Depending on the purpose that we want it to have, we can go for a simple table, designed to place on it those everyday things that you are using such as the book, mobile, soft drink, etc. There are liftable tables which give you the option of enjoying the dinner while you are watching TV. There are some which include storage with wheels that help us to move them at any moment.

Customised by Fiaka

Fiaka manufactures for you the table that you need, if you don´t find the one that you are specifically looking for.

We give the option of customising our catalogue coffee tablesso that you can choose materials, colours, sizes, finishes, or even, with prints or vinyl.