Chill Out Furniture

The Chill Out decoration is designed to inspire relax, calm and rest feelings.

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It´s used both indoors and outdoors and its purpose is to create peaceful and calm atmospheres where we can spend a good time. There´s nothing better than having a space or place to relax, breathe fresh air and get away.

In Fiaka, we offer our furniture pieces collection in order to create a relaxing and irresistible environment.

In the Chill Out trend, colours are very important, for this reason, the most used ones are tones of the strong>blue, cream and white ranges, these tones invite to relax and rest. The rugs, cushions and curtains in white or cream colour, give a freshness, purity and calm touch to the space.

Before buyingChill Out furniture, you must take into account, first and foremost,  the comfort and relaxation , mainly at the moment of choosing the sofa, armchairs or hammocks where we are going to relax. Without doubt, this type of pieces are the most important of the space and it must be a furniture which provide us peace through its simple lines.

  • Balinese Bed: A perfect place for having a nap, a personal space for any corner of your garden. With this Balinese bed, you´ll get the privacy that you need for your relaxing times.
  • Duna Lounger: a two pieces lounger, foldable, with a curved lines design which perfectly adjusts to your body curves, providing comfort and calm. Perfect for those who want to have a relaxing environment in their terrace or garden.
  • Bahía Lounger: the perfect lounger for your summer terrace, comfortable and avant-garde, provides your rest and relaxing area with the peace and harmony environment that you are lookin for.
  • Director Lounger: it´s a classic for terraces decoration. Designed for the comfort lovers. this lounger can be used both indoors and outdoors its beech wood structure, which is treated with special water-based varnish, makes it resistant to the adverse weather conditions. They specially designed for terraces, hotels, gardens and catering industry.

In Fiaka, we customise your Chill Out atmosphere, we are a factory with own sewing and blacksmithing workshop, upholstery department and packaging area.

We have direct contact with the manufacturers, we haven´t intermediaries, so you´ll save both time and money by directly buying in our factory.

In our shop, you´ll find the ideal Chill Out furniture for decorating your home, business or establishment. With Fiaka, it´s very easy to combine comfort, design and relax for the environment that you are looking for in your home, terrace or hotel. With our custom-made furniture, we offer the possibility of manufacturing everything you need.