Ideas for a dream bedroom

The bedroom opens the door to rest, passion, sleep, the subconscious… For the same reason, in this intimate space of the home, comfort must prevail, but also, why not, that cozy inspiration that invites you to dream. It is not for nothing that this is one of the most personal rooms in the home. It is not difficult to escape from a cold and standard decoration to give it an original ‘look’. To achieve this we summarize 10 ideas for decorating a dream bedroom, where personality and character make the difference.

1. Recycle the decoration

Recycling is a trend in decoration. Just look at the Internet and you will discover an infinite number of ideas to give a second life to materials, objects and furniture that otherwise would have ended up in the trash. Recycling not only saves money, but also helps the sustainability of the planet as opposed to the consumerist idea of ‘use and throw away’. It also makes it possible to create unique pieces that often stand out for their character.

bedroom decoration
Via Chic and Deco

2. An original bedside table

Change your bedside table for an original one. A stylish shelf or small table (there are many on the market) will give a different touch to the room. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money. You can renew the one you already have with a coat of sandpaper and paint or make a new one by yourself from recycled materials: old drawers fixed to the wall, old suitcases piled up, wooden boxes… the range of possibilities is as wide as your imagination allows.

bedroom decoration
Via Fancy Windows

3. A stylish headboard

The headboard usually draws the eyes of the bedroom, hence its style says a lot. In fact, this element can radically change the aesthetics of a room. There are
original and elegant headboards
so that the charm of the bed does not go unnoticed. At Fiaka we even design them customized and personalized. It is also possible, as in the case of the bedside table, to make it directly from recycled materials.

bedroom decoration
Via Skonahem

4. More comfort

Cushions on the bed, some
square puff
at your feet, a soft puff or a cushion on one side of the room… help to increase the feeling of comfort in the bedroom. Also the
soft seats
are also ideal for this purpose. And although it’s not visible, your back will appreciate a comfortable
comfortable, quality mattress

bedroom decoration
Via My Scandinavian Home
bedroom decoration
Via Comodoosint

5 A chill out reading corner

For bedtime reading to cure sleepless nights, the best thing to do is to create a chill out corner in the bedroom. Taking advantage of the interior window sill, with cushions and cushions
cushions and cushions to measure
it is possible to create an inspiring chill out space in the bedroom. Also an armchair, an armchair or a comfortable giant puff
giant pouffe
can be used with this idea.

chill out reading corner
Via El Mueble
chill out reading corner
Via El Mueble
chill out reading corner
Via Decoist

6. Furniture with personality

design pieces
The design pieces, recovered, restored -also recycled, of course-, vintage, retro, with an industrial or rustic air… are able to give character to the bedroom, as they are pieces of furniture with a strong personality.

bedroom decoration
Via Zoco deco
bedroom decoration
Via Nipponterest

7. Charming walls

Pictures that make a difference in some way (such as movie posters, photographs, a reproduction of a work of art or a canvas with a painting), letters, wallpaper on one of the walls of the room, a vinyl with a phrase or drawing, a DIY, an original mirror, shelves … there are plenty of ideas to fill the walls of the bedroom with charm.

bedroom decoration
Via Decoracion 2.0

8. Dress up your bedroom

Textiles play an important role in bedroom decoration for obvious reasons. A quilt or comforter with personality combined with several cushions
will help to multiply the comfort of the bedroom, enhancing its beauty. In the same way, the curtains help to dress this room, marking its style. And to enhance the cozy feeling nothing better than a rug.

bedroom decoration
Via Rstyle

9. Take care of the details

Plants, lamps and other ornaments will enhance the charm of the bedroom. Careful attention to detail is fundamental in the decoration of this room, for which we recommend opting for simplicity. In fact, it is necessary to avoid excessive details to avoid an overloaded atmosphere. Following Mies van der Rohe’s maxim is always a good idea: less is more.

bedroom decoration
Via Cristina Mella

10. Mix of styles

Eclecticism is in fashion. And not for nothing. It allows combining the best of each aesthetic, resulting in unique interior designs. A mix of styles in the bedroom makes it possible to highlight your personal style.

bedroom decoration
Via Melissa Mercier