Headboards with a style all their own

Books, cushions, fabrics, bamboo, photographs, decorative vinyls, phrases, ceramics… practically anything we can imagine can be used to create original headboards that give personality to the bedroom.

There are plenty of DIY ( Do It Yorself) ideas to make unique headboards that offer a personal touch to the place of dreams par excellence, the bed. Numerous firms also market models that are out of the ordinary.

In the decoration of hotels, it isoften chosen to incorporate headboards with their own style in each room to give it a different air. By taking care of small details such as these, it is possible to eliminate the coldness and impersonality that is often associated with some accommodations, especially if their decoration seems ‘mass-produced’.

Precisely to escape from what we could call a ‘chain interior design’ we usually resort to upholstered headboards – in Fiaka we make them upholstered in high resistance leatherette – as they allow to create from classic to avant-garde environments and also transmit that cozy and warm feeling comparable to that of the bedroom at home.

upholstered headboards
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original headboards
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Original headboards
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original headboards
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The possibility of customizing them with different designs also broadens the range of possibilities. This is why this alternative – customizing models – is the one we are most often asked for when we participate in the design of hotel interiors. We already showed you in another post some of the ones we created for ‘La casa del médico’ (The doctor’s house) with capitoné and textures of different thickness and color.

personalized headboards
Some of Fiaka’s custom headboards for ‘The Doctor’s House’.

But the use of customized headboards is not only used in hotels. More and more homes are heading the bed with models in which recycling, imagination and art often go hand in hand. This way you can give a totally different look to the bedrooms without too much effort.

We show you some of the designs you can create, although the possibilities are as many as you can imagine.

  • Headboards with old doors
recycled headboards
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headboards with doors
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  • Lettering headboards
headboards with letters
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  • Esparto grass headboards
original headboards
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  • Headboards with Skyline
headboards are skyline
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  • Headboards with cushions
original headboards
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  • Wooden plank headboards
original headboards
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original headboards
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original headboards
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  • Pallet headboard
pallet headboards
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pallet headboards
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  • Headboards with screens
original headboards
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