The enchanted terrace: a perfect plan to enjoy the best of summer

Summer is here and this is perhaps the best news yet. Imagine all that lies ahead: sun, beach, outdoor walks, vacations, excursions, trips… All these plans are great, but what about your home? It is also time to enjoy the good weather even if you stay at home. Whether on your terrace or in your garden, you can make thousands of plans during these months to make the most of your summer.

Terraces are for summer

In Fiaka we are experts in decorating not only interior spaces but also the exterior. Having completed a multitude of projects of different styles and magnitudes, we are pleased to be able to share all our experience and interesting details to take into account.

During the hottest summer months, what better way to enjoy your stay outdoors. The terrace becomes the main protagonist with thousands of decoration options that make it unique.

Chill Out furniture

The Chill Out style has been a favorite for the last three summers. What makes it so special?

The enchanted terrace: a perfect plan to enjoy the best of summer
Chill Out Terrace

It is a trend that prevails for the decoration of the terrace and, as its name suggests, is designed to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. A Chill Out terrace is perfectly complemented with details such as candles, flowers, or cushions that make it a cozy room worthy of a well-deserved rest.

Among the star furniture for this type of terrace are Balinese beds, sofas and armchairs with simple and minimalist lines.

To keep in mind: If you like to decorate terraces and combine different styles, we advise you to combine Chill Out furniture with Ambient or Lounge accessories.

Not everything is an outdoor terrace

There are terraces that are not necessarily completely open and outdoors. In this case we are talking about interior terraces. It is a kind of huge balcony that serves as a meeting point with friends or family. Surely, you have been in a place like this and you have not even realized that you are on a terrace. A relaxing space, but protected from the outside is often perfect for areas with a more capricious climate. Here are some examples of projects we have done for interior terraces:


As you can see, the ambiance that is created is incredible for both a home terrace and a business, whether it is a bar, restaurant or beach club. Its main function is to house you in a space free of street noise, comfortable and cozy so you can enjoy a pleasant conversation and inspiring music.

Outdoor terrace: business or pleasure?

Returning to the open terraces, we have remembered that it is a key element for summer celebrations. Take your pick: birthday, wedding, business event… all this and more can be organized in a garden. Among the terrace furniture you can find different models of sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables and even sun loungers and hammocks. The key is to choose the right shades of upholstery and the type of fabric. The range of colors varies from light to dark, although we recommend pastel shades for the summer season. You can see that in the projects we carry out for weddings, caterings, congresses, white is the predominant color, although always with a touch of brightness in some complement, such as cushions.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Take a chance with natural materials such as wood combined with a textile upholstery that is pleasant to the touch. You have the possibility to give it a natural and comfortable touch by installing pallet furniture in your garden. Sofas, armchairs, tables and even sun loungers with treated wood bases have been the boom of recent summers.

Terrace furniture pallet
Terrace furniture pallet

See how good it looks. With exterior wear-resistant materials you have nothing to fear: style is only a matter of taste.

Pallet garden loungers
Pallet garden loungers

Did you know that…

Finally, did you know that industrial furniture is also suitable for furnishing your terrace? You can create your own outdoor bar with high or low tables and lacquered wood or metal stools. Simply choose the color range you like and enjoy the comfort of this furniture. Perfect to take a break or take a break from work, unlike the Chill Out terrace, with its modern and urban style will help you recharge your batteries in a dynamic and versatile environment.

low square bar table
Low square bar table

Whatever your plan for this summer: enjoying your home, spending your free time outside, traveling or making a success of your business, as you have seen you have all kinds of options to create your luxury terrace.

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