Renovate your hotel after the summer

Renovating your hotel after the summer is a necessary task. According to some studies, hotels that are not renovated during the 30 to 50 years suffer great damage and losses. And this is normal, tourists not only want simple accommodation, but also expect to have a good rest and good atmosphere.

We are not referring here to a complete remodeling of the hotel, but rather to a simple care of the facilities. Take a look at our recommendations when taking into account some details:

We start in the hotel lobby

The first thing to look out for is the sofas and armchairs that are part of the reception furniture. Remember that this may be the part of the hotel that suffers the most wear and tear. Surely your business is one of the best and every guest who has ever come here has spent time in this common area.


However, if your furniture has deteriorated, what can you do? There are different solutions. The first one you can think of is obviously to renovate the furniture and buy a new set of furniture for the lobby. However, we advise you to pay close attention to its structure. Is the foam rubber in good condition? Are the legs and base OK? If so, you can simply make use of a reupholstery
reupholstery service
. Apart from returning the furniture to its normal state, you will have the opportunity to play a little with the design by renewing the color palette of your establishment and giving it a more modern look.

If your hotel offers guests a historic atmosphere, don’t worry. Today there is an infinite number of upholstery to choose from. If you go to a quality furniture manufacturer you will surely find thousands of solutions inspired by different styles and trends. Do not hesitate to ask if personalized service is available. At Fiaka, for example, we work with many suppliers of reupholstery materials and with great professionals in this technique. This allows us to offer our customers a customized stamping design, including logos, as well as reupholstering any type of furniture.

Hotel dining room

If we continue moving forward, we find another common space such as the hotel dining room. Both the
chairs and tables must be of good quality
must be of good quality to ensure a fairly long service life. Note their condition. Keep in mind that this is furniture that suffers a lot of wear and tear, but if the structure is good, it is easy to renew it. If you have wooden chairs, you can try giving them a coat of varnish to restore their shine. However, in the case of upholstered chairs, the solution is similar to the sofas mentioned above. However, there is also the possibility of sheathing them. With well-made covers, you can protect them and adapt them to the renovated style of your hotel.

renovate your hotel after the summer

Tailor-made covers

Chair covers are not only an option for chairs, but also a lifesaver when it comes to outdoor furniture . If you don’t want situations that could impact your budget in the long run, choose to prevent them. Storing your sun loungers and outdoor sofas in
custom-made covers
you will be able to enjoy them for a long time without the need for renovation.

renovate your hotel after the summer

Decorative details

Finally, giving a hotel a facelift after the high season is not just a matter of repairing and replacing furniture. Many top decorators advise to alternate and change the layout after a certain period of time. In this way you will discover new opportunities offered by the usual space that you have never seen before. Opt for incorporating new decorative elements such as paintings, cushions or custom-made mats that, although it seems little, will make your hotel vibrate more intensely, attracting and awakening the curiosity of new tourists.

renovate your hotel after the summer

If you need us to help you with the renovation of your hotel, do not hesitate to contact us!