Outdoor furniture. Knowing how to choose the fabric.

Knowing how to choose the appropriate fabric according to the use we want to give to our furniture is essential for its conservation and durability. Learn more about our latest novelties and fabrics for your chill out furniture.

  1. Agora. IN & OUT solution.

Tuvatextil brings us Agora which is the great addition to our fabric catalog in 2016. Its specific characteristics for both indoor and outdoor use make Agora the perfect fabric for multiple uses. We are talking about acrylic fabrics with soft textures manufactured to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions thanks to their qualities and treatments. Its finish prevents heat and moisture condensation, has an anti-stain and anti-fungus treatment, and even has good oil repellency. This collection of fabrics brings together the latest technological trends and delicacy in its designs.

Agora Sofa – Fiaka.es
Via Tuvatextil
Via Tuvatextil

Uses: awnings, installations, furniture, textiles, etc.

  1. Silvertex

Spradling’ s Silvertex vinyl fabric offers lasting value to the end user as it is an elegant, high quality product. This high-end fabric is easy to maintain and is resistant to high wear and tear and other damage. In addition, these vinyl products are manufactured with an anti-stain and anti-bacterial barrier, which prevents the formation of mold and mildew. It is an ecological and weather resistant material. It also has flame retardant properties, which helps to comply with sanitary regulations for public facilities. Silvertex has a wide range of exclusive colors that will make your furniture distinguished and attractive pieces.


Silvertex – Fiaka.com
Headboard – Fiaka.es


Uses: upholstery for facilities, indoor and outdoor furniture, etc.

  1. Nautical – Contract Plus

21 colors available in our catalog. The
Nautical upholstery
maintains the visual characteristics of leatherette, but with three major advantages: it is a fireproof, antibacterial and antifungal fabric. It is suitable for outdoor use which makes this fabric the perfect choice for upholstery of sanitary facilities and equipment. With Contract Plus we are guaranteed excellent performance. This highly light-resistant fabric prevents discoloration from long exposure to the sun, which makes it perfect for the manufacture of seating for boats and chill out furniture for terraces.

cushion detail eyelet
Nautical Detail – Fiaka.es
Outdoor Set – Fiaka.es
Corporate Furniture – Fiaka.es

Uses: nautical upholstery, furniture for public facilities, etc…

  1. Leatherette

This synthetic fabric of soft touch and great variety of colors, offers great possibilities in terms of its use, with a more than affordable price. The use of this type of leatherette is based mainly on interior upholstery, its use is not recommended for exteriors, as it can be damaged by not having a special treatment for outdoor use. It is perfect for the manufacture of decorativepoufs , chests and indoor upholstered furniture.

Leatherette Detail – Fiaka.es
arcon poufs in white
Puff Chest – Fiaka.es

Uses: pouff, chests and interior upholstered furniture.

  1. Canvas

It is a strong and flexible fabric. Acrylic canvas is a fabric suitable for outdoor use, albeit occasionally. It has a water-repellent insulation, which acts as a moisture barrier. When it comes to decorating, it is widely used for curtains and cushions.

striped bed detail1
Canvas Detail – Fiaka.es
Balinese bed – Fiaka.es
director hammock
Director Lounger – Fiaka.es

Uses: cushions, curtains, mats and outdoor seating.

  1. Nylon

It is a resistant and elastic fiber. Despite its impermeability, it is not recommended for Nylon products to be exposed to the sun or the elements for long periods of time, as it may suffer slight discolorations. It is a very economical material, perfect for making covers to protect your furniture during the winter. Learn more about

How to care for outdoor furniture


fiaka-pufs coca cola2
Puff Pera – Fiaka.es
Puff Nylon – Fiaka.es