Nautical upholstery

With this spring weather, it is not hard to imagine yourself on board a yacht, with all the boat furniture ready to go to sea. That is why we are now tackling the renovation of the nautical upholstery of our boat. At we have the service ready and we start working with forward-thinking customers.

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In order to do nautical upholstery work, it is necessary to have versatility, and it is best to contact a direct manufacturer. Sizes vary widely and, although cheap can be expensive, an attractive budget can be achieved by including accessories such as cushions and mattresses. And since every boat is a world unto itself, unique design ideas vary. Here are some examples that you can find on our website.

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Fiaka flame-retardant yacht upholstery

Fiaka yacht furniture

Here we must take into account that a fixed nautical upholstery, associated with specific furniture and removed for cleaning or maintenance purposes, is not the same as other types of mobile elements, cushions and mats that can be used on deck or aft and that must be easily ‘removable’.

As for colors, we always recommend white. It attracts a lot of light and is always elegant and chill. But depending on the boat furniture available, it can be combined with other colors. Better with another primary color (red, yellow or blue), and if you want to risk more, this year purple or violet are very popular. A luminous green will also look good in certain cases. And the gray, more or less leaden is more serious, but irresistibly elegant.

Viscoelastic and outdoor

Materials are very important. In our experience, we work with viscoelastic in upholstery for yachts. Why? It is a lighter material, resists humidity without problems and adapts very well to a ship’s own transfer.

And for the covers, it is essential, without any doubt, to use fabrics resistant to ultraviolet rays and prepared for outdoor use, such as fireproof leatherette upholstery.

It’s still cold, but suddenly, after thinking about it so much, it’s a little less difficult to imagine ourselves scanning the horizon…