Nursery furniture

In today’s post we want to talk about furniture for nurseries . Nurseries are spaces decorated in a special and creative way, designed for the development of the little ones. They are usually places where both colors and wide spaces stand out, where children carry out their activities. The adequate equipment of a nursery school must take into account the characteristics of the space, the educational project of the center, its work methodology and the needs of the children and the people who will work in the center. For this reason, we want to show you a series of characteristics that we must take into account when choosing the furniture for nurseries to adjust it to our needs.

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Main characteristics of nursery furniture


Furniture with mobility and functionality

Furniture should be designed so that it is not static, rigid and immovable, but allows a certain mobility and functionality depending on the needs that are created in the different spaces of the center. Two examples of this type of furniture are puffs or trunks. Both pieces are widely used in kindergartens, since they allow us to move them easily within the classroom and create different spaces depending on the activities to be carried out. In addition, some puffs such as the chest can fulfill both functions and be used as a stool, puff or trunk to store things, thus allowing to save considerable space in the classroom.

Safety: a feature to be taken into consideration

The safety of the little ones is very important. The materials must be of high quality so that, in addition to lasting over time while maintaining a good appearance, they are safe enough to prevent both children and educators from getting hurt using them. The edges of the furniture should be well edged and the hardware should not be visible to children. It is also very important to respect a safety height, which will go from the ground up to 1.50 meters. In this safety zone we will avoid placing sharp projections, plugs, mirrors or glass or any object that could be dangerous for a child of that age.

Pouffes: one of the most functional pieces of furniture

Pouffes are a very versatile tool that can cover different needs in the nursery. Previously, we talked about the functionality that nursery furniture should have. Among the different models of pouffes we can find the chest pouff and the pear pouff.

Puff chest


puff chest
is ideal for use as a seat or trunk to store whatever you want inside. Clothes, small toys, stories, children’s coloring books… The puff chest has a seat with a lid that makes it very easy to use. In addition, it contains a high-density foam that cushions shocks and prevents children from bumping into them. If you are looking for more storage, the
puff chest 120
meets all expectations. A larger trunk that will also allow a small group of children to sit in it.

The pear puff


The pear puff is ideal for children to comfortably enjoy reading or watching the TV cartoons they love so much. The
is a fun and functional piece of furniture that allows us to use it or remove it according to the layout we want to create in the classroom. This model is upholstered in eco-leather, nautical eco-leather or nylon and filled with expanded polystyrene bead with immediate volume recovery memory. Light and resistant materials with a great capacity for shock absorption, which make this piece of furniture highly recommended for nurseries.

Rigid Cube Puff


puff cube
is another of the most functional pieces available. It can be used as a stool or as a coffee table. Thanks to its size and weight, it is easy to move and store. In addition, their square style allows them to be joined together to create larger seating or tables for different activities. Its big brother is the Rectangular PuffIt has the same characteristics as the rigid cube pu ff, except for its dimensions, which are clearly superior to its little brother.

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