Multiply the feeling of comfort

If anything defines the chill out style is the sense of peace it transmits, as it is designed down to the smallest detail for relaxation. Hence, it is often used in the decoration of premises. What could be better than providing the customer with an interior design that is 100% designed to make them feel comfortable and at ease?

But this time we are not going to talk about this style that, as you know, we love. We will stop at a few tips that you can use as techniques to multiply the feeling of comfort in your home.

chill out decoration
Via Dospordos Interiorismo

Use cushions, pillows and rugs.

Cushions and pillows not only increase the practical comfort of any sofa, chair or armchair. They also transmit a feeling of protection, hence they are presented as the textile complements par excellence of relaxation. For this reason, they are even placed on the floor, in a casual way, so that any corner of the house invites you to take a seat.Multiply the feeling of comfort

Cushions in the decoration
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The carpets complete the proposal, taking away the coldness of the spaces, which as a rule are more welcoming with their presence.

Furniture that invites you to rest

Balinese beds

There is no greater symbol of rest than the bed. Hence, the presence of the Balinese bed -with beautiful models that give an exotic touch to the decoration- or, failing that, the mattresses are unmatched when designing an interior design that conveys a pleasant feeling.

Balinese beds


It is difficult, or rather impossible, to have a couch nearby and not lie down to meditate. Possibly due to the influence of cinema, literature and the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, we associate this elegant piece of furniture to introspection, or what is the same, to delve into our psyche to try to unravel and learn more about our self.

decoration with divans

Because of these subconscious relationships, their mere presence often highlights the comfort of a space. Especially if it is as psychoanalytical as our designer couch Sigmund.

fiaka divans for sale online
Sigmund Divan

Comfortable poufs

Pouffes are synonymous with comfort without compromise. The versatility of models such as the pear puff, which allow you to sit or lie down as you please, or the puff armchairs, ergonomic and adaptable to the desired posture at all times, make them another icon of relaxation.decoration with puff

puff chairs
Puff armchair. Via Chic and deco

Natural materials

Natural materials (wood, bamboo, rattan, etc.) that evoke nature often convey a sense of peace linked to the roots.

Betting on white

White is associated with peace, transmits calm, creates a feeling of spaciousness and multiplies the luminosity of the space, which makes it the color of relaxation par excellence.

Multiply the feeling of comfort
Via Chic and Deco

Intimate lighting

Is there anything more relaxing than candlelight? The presence of fire, whose symbolism is associated with purification, intensifies the comfort of the space, as do the soft and dim lights, which create intimate atmospheres.