How to stuff a Puff and not dirty the whole house

How to fill a puff? It sounds simple, but there’s a trick to it!

Today’s post is dedicated to show through a series of illustrations, how to fill a puff correctly, in the easiest way possible, and most importantly, without dirtying anything!


The first question you may have asked yourself is: What to fill a puff with?

Well, it is very easy, it is a material known as expanded polystyrene beads and it is sold separately.

Our filling is made of high quality Expanded Polystyrene Pearl (EPS), a high recovery material, which is why the puff is so comfortable and adapts perfectly to our body.

  • Antibacterial: which prevents the appearance of fungi, bacteria, mites.
  • Self-extinguishing (flame retardant) treatment against fire, which means that they do not spread fire and extinguish by themselves as soon as the heat source is stopped.
  • It is very economical.

You just need to determine the amount of stuffing you need according to the size of your puff.

Once purchased, it will be delivered to your home in a plastic bag inside a box.

How to fill a puff
Fiaka Puff Stuffing Puffing Packaging

How to fill a puff Step by Step

Empty the Deteriorated Puff Stuffing and Recycle it!

Emptying the filling of the Worn Puff

The first thing to keep in mind before stuffing a puff is to remove the stuffing that is already deteriorated.

As mentioned above, our stuffing is packaged in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box.

Use the cardboard box to empty the stuffing from the puff to be replaced.

You can ask a family member or friend to help you hold the lids of the box to make it easier for you to empty it. Avoid doing this operation in a place with some kind of air current so that the filler does not fly away and make the procedure more difficult.

Once empty, you can recycle the puff filling by throwing it in the yellow container or taking it to a recycling center.

2. Prepare your homemade funnel

To make it easier to fill the puff, you can make a homemade funnel, using materials such as a water bottle, scissors and tape.
Preparing the funnel is really simple.

Making a Homemade Funnel with a Large Plastic Bottle

Cut a plastic cylinder from the bottle with the help of scissors or a cutting material such as a knife or box cutter.

Plastic Cylinder

Check that the bag is well closed with a ribbon or knot and cut one of the corners of the bag and little by little the beads of the filling will come out towards the inside of the Puff. Be very careful that the hole does not get bigger.

Puff Pouch Corner Cutting Filled Puff Bag

Then fix the cylinder to the corner of the bag with the help of the adhesive tape.

Attach Cylinder to Plastic Bag with Adhesive Tape

3. Carefully empty the Stuffing Bag into the Puffing Bag Opening.

Carefully fill the Puff

While a friend holds the opening of the puff, carefully empty the contents of the bag until the piece reaches the consistency you desire.

The more stuffing you add, the firmer the puff will be.

4. Sit on your Puff, give it your shape and relax!

Once you have finished, sit on the puff in case you need to make any corrections. Either add more filling or remove filling.

It is a matter of taste. Some people prefer their poufs to be filled only in the middle, so that the “sinking” feeling is greater, while others like them firmer.

When you sit or lie down you won’t want to get up!

If you want to know approximately how much padding your puff needs according to its size, here is a small guide.

How much stuffing do I need for my Puff?

Quantity for Puff Pear

  • Cool (115×85 cm): 100L.
  • L (120×85 cm): 170L.
  • XL (120×85 cm): 200L.
  • XXL (135×90 cm): 250L.

Quantity for Round Puff

  • Soft 90/30: 170L.

Quantity of filling for Puff Cama

  • Puff Marina: 300L.

When is it necessary to refill a Puff?

When it is no longer comfortable and no longer has the volume it had at the beginning. The filling must be between 50% and 60% of the Puff’s capacity.


It is important to note that expanded polystyrene comes in small pellets that can be eye-catching to children and animals.

Polystyrene filler is a choking hazard for children. If you have children or pets, it is advisable that they are not present while this operation is being performed.

It is also important to buy a pouffe that has a lockable closure or safety flap so that children cannot open it easily.