Decoration ideas for gardens with swimming pools

With summer just around the corner, it is essential to prepare the pool (in case you have one) to make the most of these months of sun and good weather. There are thousands of ideas on how to decorate a garden with a pool and today we want to offer you some of them. No matter if your garden is small or if you have a pool that allows you to swim freely, these decoration ideas can be applied to all types of rooms and we are sure that they can help you turn your garden into a real oasis.

Decoration ideas for gardens with swimming pools

When it comes to decorating your backyard with a pool, you can find inspiration everywhere, but you’ll need to get organized to put those ideas into action. The Internet is very extensive, so we recommend that you look for ideas and organize yourself to be able to carry them out. It is the best basis to start working, as well as to ensure that the design and decoration of your garden manages to be in harmony with the whole environment.

Pallet sofas

pallet sofas
or some loungers near the pool is a good way to create an idyllic atmosphere not only during the day, but also well into the evening.

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Sofas and table made of pallets.

Porch floor mixed with the lawn

Making the porch floor blend in with the lawn is an original idea not often seen in the world of outdoor decoration. Don’t you think it’s a very original idea?

Small garden with porch.

Site sofas

A great option to place by the pool is a built-in sofa. A very resistant sofa that will adapt perfectly to the garden and you can decorate it with cushions and
upholstered foam mats

Site sofas with foam cushions and cushions.

Small open-air cinema

Install some
in the garden of your home, whether for sunbathing, to create an outdoor cinema area or an outdoor space where you can read or rest while curled up in one of these pouffes.

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Puffs Vela designed and manufactured by Fiaka.

Wooden or aluminum pergolas and reeds

If what you need is some shade in your garden with pool, a wooden or reed pergola can be an inexpensive and especially nice option.

Aluminum pergola and reed in a garden with swimming pool.

Sail awnings

Sail awnings are one of the simplest options for shading a space. They are simple to assemble and you will not have to deal with much more complicated and costly installations.

In Fiaka we are manufacturers of custom-made sail awnings . We always use top quality materials and we can adapt them to any type of space, regardless of its size or shape.

Sailing awning in sports center designed and manufactured by Fiaka.

Set up wicker or rattan furniture

Wicker or rattan furniture by the pool is one of the classics in the decoration of gardens with swimming pool.

The variety in the design of wicker, rattan and cane furniture leaves plenty of room for choice.

Keep an open mind when decorating your outdoor space: include a couple of chairs and a side table by the pool to relax, sunbathe or read a good book.

Rattan furniture adapts to both muted colors and bolder colors. They also fit well with lush greens, perfect for decorating your garden with a variety of plants.

Wicker garden chairs and side table.

Swing made of pallets

Pallets are one of the best options for making any outdoor furniture. In this particular case, a swing made of pallets can be a good idea for reading or resting. In addition, it is one of the most economical options and the possibilities offered are very broad.

Swing made of pallets and foam mats.

Dining room by the pool

Dining by the pool is an extremely practical luxury. Not only is it a pleasure to be able to eat outdoors with family or friends, but you can be completely sure that your guests will not drag water into your home.

Make sure you opt for outdoor furniture that is prepared to withstand all types of weather conditions, as well as being able to withstand a little water from time to time.

What you will enjoy most is the pleasure of having a garden party with friends or family while they are entertained and fed.

Curtained sitting/dining area.

Balinese beds

Creating an atmosphere of disconnection where we can relax, sunbathe or read during the spring and summer months is very important, especially if you are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space where you can place one of our
Balinese beds
. There are different types of outdoor beds for terraces and gardens (a multitude of styles, shapes, colors and materials). However, the Balinese bed is the queen of garden beds, without a doubt.

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Formentera Balinese bed designed and manufactured by Fiaka.

Rest area with pergola next to the swimming pool

Placing a pergola will give you more shade and privacy, and it will also delimit the pool area and the outdoor dining area.

By installing a pergola, you will be able to protect your garden furniture.
garden furniture

When placing a pergola it is necessary to maintain a very simple structure so that the breeze can access through it in an optimal way.

Pergola next to the swimming pool.

Build a bar area

Consider placing a piece of furniture with enough space to have a drink with friends in your outdoor garden by the pool. To do so, you must keep in mind that it is essential to use special outdoor materials to prevent your bar area from spoiling quickly over time.

Outdoor bar side table.

DIY vertical garden with an old shoe organizer

A shoe rack can become a small vertical garden where you can plant different edible herbaceous plants such as parsley, arugula, mint, etc.

Handmade vertical garden.

Subdued lighting to create ambiance at night

With the days getting longer and the nights getting hotter, nothing says summer like more outdoor living after sundown.

Maintain a nice ambiance at night by adding some poolside lighting. If you want something much simpler, set up a few solar floor lanterns of various sizes to set the mood.

Always opt for warm lighting to achieve a much more welcoming and sociable atmosphere.


Fruit trees

Fruit trees both potted and planted in the ground not only add color and cheer, but also provide you with fruit to use as a snack in some of your recipes this summer.

If you want to add a fruit tree, autumn is the ideal time to do it.

Plant them during the months of September through December, when they are dormant, and you will have fruit throughout the summer season.

Harvesting of cherries and plums begins approximately in mid-April, followed by peaches, loquats and apricots throughout the month of May. The rest of the fruit trees are harvested during the months of June and July.

Choose the one you prefer and make sure you use a good quality fertilizer and do not move the pots too much after planting.


Plants to cover the pool surround

For the finishing touch, add some life with decorations around the pool.

But first, do a little research to find out what kind of plants can have a comfortable life and can thrive properly depending on the type of climate you live in. In addition, it won’t hurt to know what kind of maintenance they need.