Chill out readings

“Man does not live by bread alone. If I were hungry and helpless in the street, I would not ask for a loaf of bread; I would ask for half a loaf and a book […] Culture because it is the only way to solve the problems in which the people, full of faith but lacking in light, are struggling today”.

We quote these words that Federico García Lorca pronounced in the inaugural speech of the library of his hometown to talk about reading. We could not resist considering that this April 23rd is International Book Day. Reading does not only mean traveling to imaginary worlds created by authors capable of constructing other realities between the pages of their works. It opens the doors to knowledge, nourishing consciousness, which leads to being more critical and free. Hence, not infrequently, books have been enemies of power throughout history. Banned books that have ended up at the stake for the knowledge they contained… a Fahrenheit 451 that, unfortunately, had nothing to do with Ray Bradbury’s fiction.

We leave this reflection on reading to focus on interior design. As it could not be otherwise, after this digression, we talk about books in the home. And more specifically about the decoration of chill out reading corners, a topic that we have
we have already discussed on some occasions
. We opted for this aesthetic because their designs are oriented to comfort and relaxation, something indispensable when in the company of a book. But also for the
eclecticism that allow
. Here are five simple ways to create an inspiring chill-out reading corner:

1. With a comfortable chair or armchair

Either with an elegant designer chair -either the
Butterfly or BKF
in the images or another – or with a comfortable, chill-out style
chill-out style armchair
you can create a nice reading corner close to the place where your books ‘rest’ -your private library, a bookcase, a small table, a bookshelf…

chill out reading corner
Via Decoesfera
Chill out readings
Via Decoesfera

2. With a couch

Few pieces of furniture are as comfortable as a sofa.
to lie down and read. Hence, it is an exceptional piece for the decoration of a chill out corner designed to enjoy books.

reading corner
Via Recycled Cottage

3. With giant puffs

giant pouffe
next to your bookcase is perfect for enjoying a book, either sitting or lying down, as they usually allow several positions, as you like.

Chill out style reading corner
Via Decorate as a Family

4. With mats and cushions

If you can take advantage of the window sill to place a cushion and cushions
cushions and cushions to measure
the result will be a charming chill out space ready for the imagination to fly on the backs of books. In case your windows do not allow it, it will be enough to place mats and cushions in the area where you want to create your reading corner.

chill out reading corner
Via I-Decoracion
Chill out style reading corner
Via Decoraxpoco
Chill out style reading corner
Via Delikatissen

5. With recycled elements

As you well know, recycling continues to be a trend in decorating
trend in decoration
. If you want to take advantage of pallets or any other element to make a
DIY sofa
and some handmade shelves you can get a reading corner as imaginative as unique.

chill out reading corner
Via Little Red Riding Hood and one more