Boo! Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. Although its celebration is an Anglo-Saxon custom, it is gradually gaining presence to join All Saints’ Day, a deep-rooted tradition in our country. No wonder, considering its potential as a party. And Spain is not exactly known for disdaining the opportunity to import a new celebration.

DIY halloween
Recycled jars for Halloween. Via Etsy

With Halloween, a new type of decoration appears in shop windows and businesses, but also at home, where more and more families are going trick-or-treating. With the ornamental iconography associated with Halloween (pumpkins, ghosts, witches, spider webs, monsters, etc.) you can go for a more friendly style, based on elegant rustic, vintage accessories… in which beauty and even humor are more important than the desire to scare. Or for a terrifying style that seeks to arouse fear thanks to the atrezzo. In this case it is enough to insinuate. Imagination will do the rest. The Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde facet of Halloween decorations, we could call them to distinguish them, making a nod to Stevenson’s novel to stay within the horror genre.

halloween decoration
Via Animooz
Halloween decoration
Elegant vs. terrifying Halloween decorations

We recommend the former or a mixture of both for the decoration of shop windows, shopping centers and establishments, while the latter can become the queen of parties in discos, pubs and private homes.

Halloween decoration
Via Lilluna
Halloween decoration
Scary staircase for Halloween.

Regardless of the style you choose for your Halloween decorations, we summarize five recipes that will help you to set the mood for this holiday:

1. Recreate scenes of terror

This point is clearly identified with the Mr Hide facet of Halloween decoration, if we continue the parallelism we alluded to earlier. Recreating the mythical shower scene from Psycho with a silhouette behind a semi-transparent curtain; or ‘transforming’ a staircase into the girl from ‘The Ring’ in front of a mirror with a simple wig and a dress… can make the Halloween party a success.

Halloween decoration
Via Invertor Spot

Some people turn their jadin into a set to immortalize movie classics or well-known TV series. One only has to look at the glittering exteriors of these homes, where movies such as Ghostbusters, Frankenstein or Area 51 are staged, to see that in Anglo-Saxon countries the decoration of this holiday is taken very seriously.

Recreation of the crash landing of an alien in the garden of a house.

2. Customize your furniture for Halloween

Spider webs, mummy-like bandages, bat-shaped crochet covers or tablecloths with a characteristic Halloween icon can help to ‘dress up’ home furnishings, such as side tables, benches or seats.
to set the mood.

halloween decoration
Spider web as a table cloth.

In venues and nightclubs you can opt for Halloween furniture, such as tables,
pear puff
puff, rigid
in orange tones. At Fiaka Ambient we can customize this furniture with terrifying motifs so that they do not go unnoticed.

3. Open the door to Halloween

From a breathtaking exterior, for the terror it awakens, to the one that bewitches thanks to its elegance. Already from the entrance of the house or premises Halloween can be present in the ornamentation of the door itself, the facade, the porch or garden, as we have seen before. With pumpkins as the main leitmotif combined with other horror icons, you can create still lifes that are as charming as they are creepy so that the decor invites you to come in – or to think twice about being too scared. In the case of commercial establishments, a successful decoration of the shop windows has an undeniable appeal to the clientele. It is also possible to generate the same impression at the entrance of the bars. Getting the decoration to ‘scream’ to passers-by “come in and see” is the interesting part. The surprise factor will be decisive in this regard.

Halloween decoration
Via Indulgy
Halloween decoration
Via Melike Design

4. Props to get into the environment (exterior and interior)

Pumpkins, brooms, bats, ghosts, cobwebs, spiders… any element associated with Halloween in the popular tradition can become the protagonist of centerpieces, mobiles, garlands, accessories, etc. for the decoration of this party. On the internet you can find original and ingenious DIY for Halloween, like these crafts uploaded to Pinterest, to name a few examples.

Halloween decoration
Via Etsy
halloween decoration
Via Digs Digs

halloween decoration

halloween decoration
Season of the Witch
halloween decoration
Via Lilluna

5. Terrifying lighting

Lighting is fundamental when it comes to creating ambience. On Halloween, candles -if they have monstrous shapes, all the better- and dim lights will become great allies. Filters or colored bulbs to create shades also give a lot of play. In general terms, the idea is to create a gloomy and frightening atmosphere through the lighting.

Halloween decoration
Recycled cans for Halloween. Via Todo para crear
halloween pumpkins
Via Excelsior