Balinese beds, all you need to know

Once again with the arrival of March and the imminent proximity of the long-awaited spring, from Fiaka we want to talk about the Balinese beds. Balinese BedsOn this occasion, we think about the recommendation of the most suitable material for its construction.

Balinese bed

We have chosen pine wood for our Balinese beds. There are different types of materials suitable for these light constructions, always depending on the budget available for the execution. Tropical woods are excessively expensive and very hard, which is a disadvantage for their mechanization. However, in Fiaka we also work with it, although always under express order.

Balinese bed curtains

Regardless of the type of wood we choose, the most important thing will be the treatment we give it, using water-based products, which in addition to being excellent protectors, gives the material a very long life, respecting the environment.


Fiaka treats the beds with Xyladecor® Protector Max Satin to provide the wood with up to 10 years of optimal protection against weathering and sunlight. An effective protector and a decorative finish in one product. Its concentrated H.E.S® formula with sunscreen allows to deposit 2 times more solids per coat than conventional protectors, for a total protection of wood exposed to atmospheric elements.


Our Balinese beds are easy to assemble and we can customize them using Walnut wood in any color of the RAL range.

white balinese

As for the upholstery of the mattress, the use of products suitable for outdoor use such as our Nautical Contract Plus technical upholstery, antibacterial, antifungal and fireproof, provides an ideal texture to be in contact with the skin and give the bed an impeccable aesthetic for a long time.