White furniture, the best of neutral environments

White is a timeless color. A color that will never go out of fashion no matter how much time goes by. Furniture with white tones brings, both to homes and businesses, a greater luminosity and a feeling of spaciousness even to smaller rooms. It is a safe bet. For this reason, from Fiaka we want to show you some secrets about how to decorating with white furniture. Let’s get started!

Neutral colors: the key to decorating with white furniture


Decorating with white furniture will mean that you won’t have to change furniture from time to time because the colors you have chosen are no longer in fashion. This does not happen with white. It is a color that will always be in fashion thanks to decorative styles such as Nordic, minimalist or chill out.. And most importantly, without making a large outlay.

What do we mean when we say that we can completely change the style of our home or business without spending a lot of money? It’s simple. When decorating with white furniture you can play with the colors of the curtains, bedding, different decorative items, paintings, etc … If you get tired of the colors of your home or business you can change any of these elements, which are much cheaper, before renewing the furniture.

Neutral and white colors also have a strong emotional power and are capable of generating feelings of calm or energy, depending on the secondary color with which you combine them.

White is not boring


Many people tend to think that decorating with white is boring since it is not a color that tends to stand out when placed on walls of the same color. That’s true if you don’t know how to use the versatility of white, one of the main characteristics that make it unique.

Believe it or not, white has a huge variety of colors and shades. For example, the Pantone color palette has more than 50 shades of white to choose from. The varieties of white range from creamy tones, which make it stand out in environments with a traditional look and wood finishes, to modern whites with matte finishes, ideal for homes or businesses with a minimalist look.

As we have talked about before, if you play with textiles when decorating your home you can achieve a great number of looks with which to decorate spaces.

Contrasts, few and with elements of importance


When decorating with white tones it is advisable to avoid introducing too many colors that generate different contrasts. Any color has greater strength than white and, by introducing several stronger tones, the sensations produced by neutral colors would be lost. From Fiaka we recommend you to avoid introducing very different colors to your decoration. The ideal is to mix white with some other light tone to create a sense of harmony. It is also advisable to use a tone that generates a high contrast, but always in a piece to which you want to give special importance and you want it to stand out from the rest. Try introducing our
vintage 2 seater sofa
in red color
to generate the high contrast we are talking about.

White color, lighting enhancer


Decorating in white will allow you to enhance the illumination of the available spaces in your home and business. The decoration in white on ceilings or walls will give an effect of spaciousness to your home that you will hardly be able to achieve with other colors. Wrapping the space you have in white tones will multiply the light and give the room the sensation of greater luminosity. If you use white in the decoration, add a few touches of color to make them stand out against the light background.

Introduces golden tones


Gold is a very risky color to combine but with a strong personality. Mixing it with colors like pale pink will make your home look like a princess’s castle. If, on the other hand, you add shades of orange or fuchsia, you will get a festive atmosphere, something to avoid for your home if you want to create a feeling of warmth and tranquility.

By mixing gold with white you will create elegant and sober spaces. If you are a little reluctant or a little reluctant to
introducing gold in your home decoration
Try introducing it in a more subtle way in mirrors or lamps to generate small contrasts.

In Fiaka we love that feeling of spaciousness and brightness generated by decorating with white furniture. Getting a white space to generate warmth is complicated. That is why we must introduce details very delicately without breaking the serenity of the decoration.