What is event decoration and what is its function?

From March 2020 until well into 2021 we have not been able to enjoy this type of celebrations because of the health crisis. Some of our readers may have been able to attend certain weddings of very close relatives, but you may have noticed that the organization of the event had nothing to do with an event of such characteristics.

Any of us have attended an event at some point in our lives. Whether it is of a social nature, such as a wedding celebration, or of a business nature, such as a celebration promoted by our company.

In any of them we have been able to observe how both the decoration and the furniture specifically designed for events
furniture specifically designed for events fits perfectly with a style
fits perfectly with a style that has clearly been thought to the millimeter beforehand. A difficult job that requires enormous organizational skills and a broad creative vision.

Event decoration is a specialty within the world of decoration that is in charge of transforming a space that is going to be used for a specific purpose for a specific period of time.

What is the role of event decoration?

The role of event decoration is to try to distribute the furniture and decorative elements in a harmonious way throughout the space in order to transmit a comfortable and positive experience to the audience.

Furniture manufactured by Fiaka.

For this purpose, a wide variety of elements can be used, adjusted to all types of budgets, since a good decoration is not always linked to a high budget.

Good event decorators can organize large events without the need for a large budget. Thanks to their creativity, they can apply a series of tricks in the distribution of the elements to achieve a spectacular atmosphere without having to spend a lot of money.

Types of events and characteristics

The health crisis due to Covid 19 has caused the organization of different types of events to change radically, at least during this summer’s celebrations.

The separation between tables, the flow of people in and out and the crowds of guests in the same area is something that event decorators have rarely had to worry about, but now they must take into account more than ever.

Each type of event has its own characteristics and a completely different decoration that must be adapted to the minimum prevention measures to be taken for this summer’s events.

Although many of them share some characteristics, there are different types of events with different characteristics that we show you below:

Social events

These events are held to celebrate social events, such as weddings, baptisms, communions or any other similar celebration.

Wedding benches and puff for weddings.
Wedding furniture – Fiaka.es
Puff for the celebration of events manufactured by Fiaka.

For this type of event, it is necessary to create a special style and atmosphere that marks the character of the event.

The distribution of the furniture is usually divided into several areas, depending on the part of the celebration in which we are at that moment. As a general rule, there is usually a part dedicated to the banquet and another part to the cocktail party afterwards.

The banquet area is prepared to accommodate rectangular or round tables, always according to the organizers’ taste, where guests can enjoy a pleasant meal with friends or family.

On the contrary, the cocktail area is an area dedicated to a more informal celebration where small chill out areas are placed where guests can rest quietly on
have a drink and take pictures.

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Corporate events

Corporate events are ceremonies that are organized for companies in order to liven up any special moment for them.

Rigid Puff for conferences.


high tables-and-stools-fiaka
High tables and stools for the Real Betis Balompié box manufactured by Fiaka.

Contrary to social celebrations, corporate events are characterized by the use of a different decoration in which less decorative elements are used, but with greater functionality.

The furniture used for this type of events are usually high furniture such as bars or stools where guests can enjoy a few drinks or tables with capacity to accommodate a good number of them.

The decoration will vary depending on the type of company organizing the event and the place where it will take place.

Gastronomic events

In this type of event there is usually a common denominator: the food.

These are events where lunches or dinners are organized for a number of guests and where the organization revolves around it.

What is event decoration and what is its function?

What is event decoration and what is its function?

The furniture used for this type of event is very similar to the furniture used in restaurants, so, depending on the type of food served at the event, we can find both high tables, low tables or stools to help create a more comfortable and informal atmosphere.

Fortunately, this summer we will be able to enjoy again a large number of events that, due to the health crisis, could not be held during the last year. Therefore, we hope you enjoy to the fullest all the weddings, baptisms, communions, business meetings, conferences, congresses, concerts and all kinds of events you have scheduled for this summer.

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