What is a gastrobar?

Let me guess; you’ve come across the word “Gastrobar” and have no idea what it is. Most of you reading this article today probably do not know the meaning of this term. Today we are going to explain everything about what a gastrobar is, its characteristics, origin and even ideas to decorate them with more style if you own one, are you interested? If so, stick around and find out below.

What is a gastrobar?


To explain it in an easy way, a gastrobar is a type of establishment with a very careful culinary proposal, where haute cuisine dishes are served at economical prices. For this type of bars/restaurants it is not necessary for visitors to have previous knowledge of haute cuisine, as they are offered a better prepared dish with professional care. Do you like the idea? Let’s continue with some more information.

What are the main characteristics of a gastrobar?

Gastrobar LALÜ-LEIOA in Bilbao

Regarding their decoration style, most of them maintain a vintage look, with modern touches. On the other hand, it is well known that, tapas creations using creativity is its foundation, but there are other characteristics that we should mention, such as:

  • All menu offerings are usually presented in tapas, although on some occasions there are a few dishes that are a little more elaborate. Each of these dishes are created under the concept of creativity and innovation, being a feature that differentiates it greatly with other types of restaurant bars.
  • In relation to plating, these are much more careful and elaborate, each tapa must be presented following a series of guidelines.
  • The style of the gastrobar should reflect originality and style. For this reason, the premises must stand out, be different, inspire tranquility and modernity that only interior decorators can apply more easily.
  • Variety is one of its best touches, when it comes to eating. You can find tables distributed according to your needs, as well as a bar to eat what you want standing up or in tarubetes.
  • Undoubtedly, one of its best features is the waiting time. Gastrobars are characterized by their fast service. As it is a matter of tasting different dishes, it is necessary not to keep diners waiting for a long time between meals.
  • All the food served is of the highest quality, carefully selected and then processed in the kitchen, so that the diner can enjoy food that will not be found anywhere else.
  • The selection of alcoholic beverages is exclusive, that is to say, it is not only about wines and champagne, it is about offering a drink according to the quality of the dishes.

Where does this concept of Gastrobar come from?


Some proclaim that the word gastrobar is closely associated with journalist Carlos Capel, but it doesn’t end there. The origins of gastrobars are believed to lie in the British community, when they initiated a subtle blend of fine dining and the popular UK pubs, in the interest of creating more detailed, elegant-looking meals among people with original tastes.

Others point out that, since the economic crisis of 2008, all these types of venues have experienced a surge in popularity. Chefs from all over the country joined this movement, leaving the fancy restaurants and bringing to the public dishes of the same quality but at a lower price, with the aim of expanding the gastrobar trade. Carlos Capel assures that even the most popular chefs joined this trend, and were so successful that a new brand was created.

Today, however, this concept has become more widespread. Nowadays it is not directly associated with chefs, but refers to any current cuisine establishment that serves dishes with higher quality compared to the rest.


Gastrobars have been on the market for more than 12 years, and every day new followers of this type of establishment emerge. Many of them have a spectacular gastronomic offer, with high quality dishes, prepared by professional chefs and their price is considerably lower than in a traditional restaurant.

We hope this article has been useful and that you have learned everything you need to know about the gastrobar concept. And you, have you been to any of these places, and what did you think of the experience? Tell us about it in the comments.