We have a new catalog!

Fiaka Ambient launches new catalog with novelties and classics designed for chill out and lounge decoration. Aware that each home or establishment requires individualized responses, we continue to focus on integral and customized projects in which the interior design and furniture make the dreamed space a reality. In short, it is all about creating exclusive environments with personality that make a difference. With this idea, we continue to focus on quality furniture, 100% designed and manufactured in Spain, which can be customized according to tastes and needs.

We have a new catalog!


1. Chill out decoration

Following the oriental essence that invites calm and relaxation, we bet on soft and elegant lines in our furniture for chill out decoration. Simplicity and modernity come together to invite you to stay and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere, whether on the terrace of a restaurant, at the pool of a hotel or on the beach, if it is a coastal establishment.

Chill Out Decoration' design with furniture by Fiaka Ambient
Chill Out decoration with furniture by Fiaka Ambient

One- or multi-body sofas and armchairs, such as the Menorca and Cabrera sofas or the chill out armchair, contribute to enhance the feeling of comfort and evoke the essence of the Mediterranean islands.

outdoor chill out
Armchairs of the Menorca range
chill out decoration
Cabrera armchair, designed by Fiaka Ambient
Fiaka Ambient chill out style furniture in the Punta del Rincón beach bar.
Chill out furniture by Fiaka Ambient in the Punta del Rincón beach bar.

Also the divans of different styles and shapes, such as the IOS, Nantes, Rainbow, Menorca or Sigmund, the latter inspired by the father of psychoanalysis, help to create that aesthetic designed for comfort, giving a touch of glamour to the space.

outdoor chill out
Nantes Sofas
fiaka divans for sale online
Sigmund Divan

The soft designer sun loungers – such as the Duna, Bahia and Cala models – combine comfort and aesthetics in chill-out spaces next to beaches or swimming pools.

2. Lounge Decoration

If there is something that defines lounge decoration, which is sometimes confused with the chill out style because of its similarities, it is rhythm. The lounge atmospheres sink their origins in the eponymous sounds based on jazz. To harmonize the spaces of a lounge bar we have tables of different styles -both high and low- and lounge stools, high and low.

Fiaka chill out furniture in Spinosa Boards
Custom furniture by Fiaka Ambient decorates the terrace of the Spinosa Board lounge bar.

The classic and designer chairs, either the director chair or the Butterfly or BKF (with their respective tables), give that elegant touch, full of sensuality and personality that characterizes the lounge aesthetics.

bkf chairs Fiaka Ambient
Fiaka Ambient BKF chairs

3. Chill out & lounge icons

-Balinese bed and modular beds

Inspired by faraway Bali, the Balinese bed has become an icon of chill out decoration and lounge bars. Its versatility makes it ideal for outdoors, although in spacious interiors it is often used without a canopy. We have expanded our Balinese bed models to multiply possibilities with designs such as the circular Balinese bed.

Balinese bed Fiaka Ambient
Balinese circular bed

For its beauty and comfort, the Balinese bed with wooden or aluminum canopy is a trend in coastal environments, gardens, penthouses and terraces to which it brings a romantic and elegant touch.

Balinese bed Fiaka Ambient
Fiaka Ambient Balinese bed with full wooden structure

The possibility of complementing them with cushions, curtains, modular tables and canopies makes Balinese beds a very versatile piece of furniture, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Balinese bed by Fiaka.es

To this puff bed we have added another one whose possibilities are as many as you can imagine: the modular bed. Their different combinations can transform them into sofas with as many bodies as desired, as well as into armchairs, loungers or beds themselves, with or without reclining backrest.

modular beds
Modular Beds

-Puff for all styles

Giant FIaka poufs at Centro Entre Mamás
Puff Marina in the Entre Mamás center.
Rigid Puff


Puff soft
Fiaka Ambient brand soft pouf


Although poufs are icons of the chill out aesthetic, they fit in with any style of decoration. It is only necessary to choose the right design. To facilitate this task, we manufacture simple and elegant models in cubic and cylindrical shapes, either with rigid lines, incorporating a wooden structure for greater resistance, or soft, filled with expanded polystyrene beads with immediate volume recovery memory.

In our catalog you will also find comfortable classic poufs, such as the pear model or the navy pouf, which adapt to any space and lifestyle, to which we have added comfortable and fun poufs for children, designed for children’s decoration, or novelties, such as the candle pouf.

Exhibition on ICSID at MACBA
Pear and rigid cubic pouf by Fiaka Ambiente at MACBA.

4. Customizations

Aware that it is the furniture that should adapt to the personality of the home or business, not the other way around, we continue to focus on creating personalized environments with custom furniture.

Fiaka Ambient furniture customized for Red Bull.
Fiaka Ambient furniture customized for Red Bull.
Fiaka Ambient furniture customized for Red Bull.
Fiaka Ambient furniture customized for Red Bull.

In the case of establishments, the best formula to define their character is to enhance their message and brand image through interior design. With this idea in mind, Fiaka has expanded formulas and technologies to customize furniture with embroidery, screen printing and other types of applications, on the best fabrics.

Custom-made mattresses
Custom-made cushions and mattresses at Oniris Lounge.

5. Tailor-made accessories and materials

Each space, depending on its characteristics, requires a suitable material. That is why we have a wide range of quality fabrics and materials, especially for indoors and outdoors. We also adapt the furniture accessories, such as the legs, to the customer’s taste, who can also decide the color he/she prefers.

furniture legs
Leg models



furniture legs
Different models of legs