Upholstered hospitality chairs: cleaning and maintenance

The chairs
of a catering business represent a key element to take into account when it comes to cleaning.

We all know that depending on the proper maintenance of a restaurant, bar or cafeteria we will have more or less customers, or at least, it is quite a determining factor. Apart from keeping the kitchen or dishes intact, the furniture must be perfect.

How to clean upholstered restaurant chairs?

If in the case of cleaning plastic chairs everything is clearer (with a damp cloth we give them a second life), in the case of upholstered chairs for the hospitality industry is a whole unknown. Their cleaning will depend, above all, on the upholstery material from which they are made. Step one is to differentiate whether it is a natural or synthetic fabric.

Upholstered hospitality chairs: cleaning and maintenance

Natural fabric upholstered chairs

    • It is more common for chairs to be upholstered with synthetic materials due to their greater resistance. However, your restaurant may have opted for natural or eco-friendly materials. In this case, cleaning is a delicate matter. You should inform yourself in advance of their correct maintenance to avoid any surprises.
    • For example, if your chair has a linen cover, you can dry clean, machine wash or hand wash it. However, make sure that the covers are removable and keep in mind that it is a material that shrinks. It is essential that the washing is done in cold water.

Chair with linen cover

    • As for the leather upholstery, in the case of a spill of a drink or a stain, you must act immediately by wiping with a cloth with water and neutral soap. Dry cleaning is recommended. Never apply water directly or rub sharply, you may damage the material. Remember that this is a natural material and that any chemical product such as bleach or ammonia can damage it.

Upholstered hospitality chairs: cleaning and maintenance

Synthetic fabric upholstered chairs

Leatherette Chair

In Fiaka we work with
hotel and restaurant furniture
and we know that these are sectors where these furniture suffer a special deterioration due to the use they are given. A restaurant receives many diners every day and the chair changes ownership on an hourly basis.

For this reason, we always recommend furniture upholstered in a Contract Fabric (such as Polipiel Náutica Contract Plus, Filtech, Silvertex or Valencia) for its easy maintenance and cleaning. A chair upholstered in synthetic leatherette can be cleaned with a damp, slightly soapy cloth. Rinse with clean water. Never use chemical solvents or polish sprays if you want your chair to last a long time.

Leatherette Restaurant Chair


Remember that it is a flame retardant and water resistant fabric and with a little maintenance it will look like new. For this, you can also make use of upholstery sponges
upholstery sponges
. It has a “magic” composition of fibers that lifts the stain particles to the surface and then removes them. In this way, dirt is easily removed without scratching the material or rubbing it roughly.

Upholstered chairs in stain-resistant fabric

If you opt for a more practical option, you may be interested in having the chairs in your restaurant, bar or cafeteria upholstered with fabric such as Agora. It is a 100% acrylic fabric that can be used both indoors and outdoors and prevents heat and humidity condensation, even in full sunlight. It doesn’t matter if a Coke or wine has been spilled, with a little water the stain disappears.
stain disappears

How to extend the life of upholstered hospitality chairs?

Don’t wait until the last minute. It is easier to prevent the problem if you take proper care of your furniture. Store chairs in a safe place where they can be kept safe. To prevent them from gathering dust and rubbing against other objects, you can order a custom-made
custom chair cover to cover them.
to cover them. We recommend a cover made of nylon, as it is a very resistant fabric that will protect your furniture from any threat.


Finally, always consult the manufacturer for cleaning instructions and test on a small surface, especially if it is a chair made of unfamiliar material.