Trends in terrace decoration 2013

Although summer has not yet arrived, many locals are already preparing their summer terraces. Others have opened them with the intention of taking advantage of the good weather days of the flower season. We review some of the trends we have observed in terrace decoration this 2013, at least for the moment. In general terms, this year they share many characteristics with respect to the past, although with nuances, such as the incorporation of pieces that give character to the space, making it a special and unique place.

Mies Van Der Roe ‘s maxim – less is more – is not only a trend in decoration in general. It is also so in the decoration of terraces, where we flee from overloaded environments and bet on minimal environments.

furniture for terrace decoration

Eclectic environments. In terms of fashionable styles, the prevailing eclecticism in decoration in general is starting to become visible also in the exteriors of the premises. The chill out style is still very fashionable in the cocktail terraces to maximize the comfort of the clientele. It is usually combined, however, with ethnic, rustic or industrial touches. Lounge terraces, especially in coastal areas, are also setting trends.

Custom-made mattresses
Fiaka’s custom-made cushions and mattresses at Oniris Lounge.
Chill out decoration
Custom-made mattresses and cushions by Fiaka Ambient.

A vintage / retro touch. More and more stores advocate giving a vintage or retro touch with a piece that, in some way, becomes the protagonist of the space. In recent months we have been commissioned to design custom vintage furniture for terrace decoration – as you know in Fiaka Ambient we specialize in creating custom furniture. We hope to show you soon some of the exclusive pieces we have designed for some projects.

Couples that never go out of style. Certain combinations continue to set trends in terrace decoration. This is the case of the white-wood pairing, which in 2012 stood out for its luminosity and the cozy feeling it conveys. This year they continue to be a winning pair that always delivers good results.

Terrace decoration
Via Shelterness
Fiaka Ambient chill out style furniture in the Punta del Rincón beach bar.
Chiringuito Punta del Rincón.

Materials that evoke nature. Wood, mainly untreated, stone, bamboo, metal or glass, among others… are in fashion this summer, so that the decoration of the terrace is inspired by nature.

Design classics are making a comeback.
Furniture such as the BKF chairs, the Acapulco or the different models of Balinese beds, with or without canopy, have become the hallmark of many terraces, thus underlining their character.

Fiaka chill out furniture in Spinosa Boards

Balinese bed
Balinese bed. Via Atrápalo

Recycling. As we have mentioned on previous occasions, recycling and DIY (Do it yourself) philosophy is a trend in decoration and the terraces of the locals are no strangers to this fashion. For this reason, it is increasingly common to find recycled elements.