Top 10 decorative styles to decorate your home with

Discover what are the main decorative styles used in interior decoration and collect ideas for decorating your home. Decorating any interior space is not an easy task, so knowing the different decorative styles will help you choose the best furniture distribution, the type of furniture or the colors that best suit the atmosphere you want to achieve. If you want to know more about them, we invite you to read our article.

Learn about the main decorative styles to decorate your home with

Modern style


The word modern is a rather broad term that usually refers to a type of décor dominated by clean lines, a simple color palette and furniture made of wood, metal, glass or steel.

Modern design generates an idea of simplicity in every decorative element, including furniture. It also conveys a sense of elegance, cleanliness and order.

Minimalist style


The concept of minimalist style applied to decoration has become one of the most popular. It takes notions of modern design and simplifies them even further.

The color palettes are neutral, with a predominance of white decorations.
white décor predominates; furnishings are simple and streamlined
The furniture is simple and streamlined, and nothing is excessive or extravagant in terms of accessories or decoration. Like the modern style, the minimalist style places great importance on the functionality of the furniture, so as little as possible is used, and places special emphasis on order and space.

Industrial style


The industrial style, as its name suggests, is inspired by the typical architecture of the old New York warehouses of the 60’s, where materials such as brick, cement or steel predominate to give a feeling of a spacious, very wide and rustic atmosphere.

The industrial style gives the impression that the decoration is unfinished, and it is not uncommon to see bricks, beams or ventilation pipes exposed to the naked eye.

If you like high ceilings, the use of old wood and hanging metal lamps with functional yet sparse furniture, this is definitely your style. This style also stands out for the wall decorations, where abstract art pieces or black and white photographs are used to add a touch of color to a neutral color scheme where the color of wood or exposed brick predominates.

Scandinavian style


Scandinavian design pays special tribute to the simplicity of life in the Nordic countries. Scandinavian furniture design is often seen as pieces of art, although it is simple and unobtrusive. The furniture stands out for its functionality and interesting lines, many of which are heavily influenced by sculpture.

Another of its main features is its all-white color palette, as well as the incorporation of natural elements such as wood, glossy plastics and wood floors. Colors that stand out in particular are not usually used. If so, these colors come from paintings or from some fabrics such as curtains, cushion covers or sofa blankets.

Scandinavian designs are characterized by natural and spacious lighting, little use of decoration in the form of accessories and largely functional furniture.

Traditional style


The traditional style is characterized by furniture loaded with details and an abundance of accessories. It is a very common style in southern Europe, including Spain, Italy and Greece.

Traditional homes often feature dark, finished wood, a rich color palette, and a variety of textures and curved lines in both sofas sofas and
. The furniture stands out for its details and finishes. In terms of fabrics, the use of elaborate and ornate fabrics such as silk, which may include a variety of patterns and textures, predominates.

Bohemian style


Bohemian style is a style that is becoming very popular as the years go by. It reflects a carefree lifestyle in which very few rules are followed.

Homes decorated in bohemian style include antique-style wooden furniture, wicker lamps, colorful textiles, rugs of different styles, plants and a large collection of decorative items distributed throughout the space.

Contemporary style


Contemporary and modern are two styles that are often used interchangeably.

It stands out for being very fluid and may seem to have less adherence to a particular style, but it is rather a variant of the modern style in which several different details are incorporated. For example, the contemporary style may include curved lines, while the modern style opts for the use of straight lines.

Rustic style


The rustic design is inspired by nature, where elements such as wood, stone or fabrics stand out. It is characterized for being a style that transmits warmth and simplicity where colors such as brown, beige, green or gold predominate. In short, a style very much in harmony with nature.

The furniture stands out for not having too much ornamentation, on the contrary; it is simple furniture that fulfills a perfect functionality. The rustic design can incorporate vaulted ceilings adorned with wooden beams or restored wood floors that give them that rustic designation.

Hollywood Regency” style


Hollywood Regency is a design style that tends to be luxurious and exaggerated and is intended to reflect a glamorous décor. A perfect design style for a homeowner who wants to achieve a sophisticated decor.

This type of style is characterized by incorporating some characteristics of Victorian design, where a wide variety of decorative accessories are included and where a particularly bold color palette of red, turquoise or purple is used.

French style


The French style stands out for the use of decorative elements typical of the Rococo style and for the use of a color palette where pastels and earthy colors predominate, indicative of a French country design style. French design also includes warm shades of red, yellow or gold and materials such as stone and brick.

The furniture is usually made of solid wood where the curves in the legs of the tables or the armrests of the chairs, armchairs or backrests stand out.

These are 10 of the main decorative styles most commonly used in interior decoration. There are many more, but we are sure that with these ten you will have been able to collect some ideas for decorating your home. If so… share them with our community in the comments section!