Tips when buying quality outdoor furniture

When it comes to furnishing the exterior of a hotel or the terrace of a restaurant, one of the main problems you will encounter is finding outdoor furniture that is sufficiently resistant to both rain and sun. At Fiaka we know first hand all the doubts that our customers have when carrying out this task. For this reason, in this article we want to show you a series of tips for buying quality outdoor furniture.

Aspects to choose the right outdoor furniture for your restaurant or hotel

Start by reviewing the structure


The first thing to do when choosing any type of furniture is to inspect its structure. What are the frames made of? Two of the materials that work best for outdoor use are aluminum, iroko wood and rattan.

Aluminum is a material known for its durability, strength and ease of maintenance. Since aluminum outdoor furniture does not rust, the cleaning process is as simple as cleaning with a mild soap and water solution.

Rattan outdoor furniture is a material of vegetable origin that stands out mainly for its strength and lightness. Furniture manufacturers usually offer a wide variety of textures. The wicker fibers are made of polyethylene, which is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. This type of premium synthetic fabric is carefully chosen for its durability, ease of maintenance, UV and weather resistance.

Iroko wood is a very resistant and dense wood used in the manufacture of beams, exterior and interior flooring and in the manufacture of outdoor furniture thanks to its high resistance to all types of weather conditions. This type of wood is extremely resistant to the action of fungi and all types of termites and insects, which makes it one of the most widely used materials for exterior use today.

Therefore, aluminum, iroko wood and rattan furniture will save you time and effort when it comes to maintaining them in good condition.

Examines the tissues


Once you have checked the structure, focus on the quality of the fabrics.
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we provide highly resistant fabrics, capable of withstanding different climatic conditions. An efficient choice of fabrics would be Filtech, Polipiel Nautica, Silvertex or Sunbrella.

Filtech fabric is a fabric based on vinyl composites with a natural look and feel that stands out both indoors and outdoors. This fabric is fully prepared to withstand harsh weather conditions thanks to its quality and treatment. We are talking about a fabric whose finishes with flame retardant, antibacterial, water resistant and anti-scratch U.V.A. properties allow it to have greater resistance and exposure to the sun, in addition to being easy to maintain.

Nautical leatherette is a range of fabrics that maintain the same visual characteristics as leatherette, except with three major advantages: its flame retardant, antibacterial and antifungal fabric. This type of fabric is ideal for outdoor use due to its high resistance to light.

Silvertex vinyl fabric is a high quality, resistant and easy to maintain fabric. It is a very elegant fabric that offers a high resistance to wear and tear of outdoor fabrics. This fabric has flame-retardant properties, which helps to comply with sanitary regulations for public facilities, in addition to being manufactured with an antibacterial and stain-resistant barrier that makes it even more resistant.

Sunbrella fabric is a fabric with a cloth-like feel, especially pleasant to the touch. It is manufactured for those who are looking for a different and original finish in furniture. The main characteristics for which we consider it to be one of the best choices for outdoor use are its water-repellent finishes (repellent to all types of liquids), breathability, high resistance to sunlight, and easy maintenance.

To finish: the cushions


Once you have checked the previous two steps, the last thing you need to consider when buying quality outdoor furniture is the cushions. The
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or sun loungers should have cushions made of strong materials to protect them from deterioration.

An efficient way to achieve this is to use quick-drying foam. The quick-drying foam is produced by a special process called “cross-linking” that provides maximum drainage, air circulation and comfort. This ensures that the cushions drain quickly after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew or humidity. In addition, these cushions are easy to maintain and have built-in antimicrobial protection.

Following these three simple steps will go a long way in helping you find durable, easy-to-maintain outdoor furniture. Therefore, choosing these materials for the outdoor furniture of your hotel, restaurant or resort will help provide a great experience for your guests and save time and effort in maintenance.