Tips: Preserve your Outdoor Furniture

When summer comes to an end, it leaves us with many unforgettable memories of our vacation but also all of the
outdoor furniture
that we used in our terrace, garden… Don’t know what to do with it during the winter? Don’t worry, here are some tips to make sure it always looks as good as the first day.

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If your furniture is made of wood, to endure year after year with its natural beauty it is necessary to apply special outdoor treatments and repeat this process at least once a year. It is best to use an outdoor protective treatment with sunscreen, which protects and nourishes the wood. Subsequently, we recommend varnishing in a transparent and matte tone to make it as natural as possible.

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As for upholstered pieces, the ideal is to clean the furniture with soap and water and store sofas, armchairs, loungers and other furniture indoors, away from inclement weather, but what happens if we do not have a place to put the furniture after the summer period?

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In this case, an excellent plan B is to fit a protective cover with a protective cover to protect them during the winter.

It is very important to use a cover made of waterproof material to prevent rain from penetrating and damaging the furniture.

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In tumbona Duna we use a textile waterproofing to seal all the seams so that not even through the stitches any water can reach the furniture.

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If you need a custom
custom-made covers for your furniture
please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will send you a personalized quote. So your outdoor furniture will be like new every year!!!!