Tips for the sofa

A good decorator knows that the sofa in a living room is its backbone, the axis of its personality. It all depends on the size, the space, if the living room is also a dining room or if there is a terrace, many factors influence, but ask yourself the question: What is the first thing you look at when you enter the living room of a house for the first time?

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Choosing when buying a sofa, or a set of sofa and armchairs or a chaise longue (spelled like that, and not chaislong) can be a complicated matter, and wandering around those large furniture surfaces seeing one and the other without advice, at the very least, disorienting. We love that we get customers who know exactly what they want, and even want it custom-made and exclusive (it is not so expensive to design your own sofa). To help out, we have provided a series of tips that may be useful:

  1. Things to consider: space, color, size.
    • To begin with, it is necessary to decide where it should be placed, whether against the wall or dividing a large room into two parts (the ideal is to place a very narrow table of the same height behind the backrest in this case, like the foyer tables), and to know what measurements we should count on. Regarding the height, it usually depends on the height of the living room and the rest of the furniture. Ideally, it should be about hip length. There is a rule that says that pictures and wall decorations must be at eye level, but increasingly we like decorations that combine heights or that place them high forcing us to raise our heads… If we combine this with sofas that are a little lower than normal, we can create a feeling of extra space, as long as no visual disconnections are generated.
    • The color should be in harmony with the rest of the furniture and with the color of the room. Lately it is trendy to buy multicolored sofas, and it is true that it is fun, but in our opinion it is a little more tense and calls less to relaxation …. But it’s a matter of taste, eh!
    • The size depends on the space, but also on the life the sofa will have. A family of three is not the same as a person living alone, nor is a family of six the same as a retired couple who rarely go out or a single person who never stops at home. We are betting on something big, if it fits. It may sound crazy, but even our eyes rest more if we see a large sofa, even if we don’t get to sit down at the time.

      Chill out sofas at Ganbara Hostel
      Combination of furniture in Ganbara Hostel.
  2. Combination. Mixing is the best! If we have enough room, and without falling into the stridency, the ideal is to put a sofa and a different armchair, for example one of the Rainbow Alto chill out sofas with a Paros pouf armchair in the same color (why not?) or a BKF chair, and if we can not access a chaise longue or we want to have a more malleable set, the ideal is to have poufs like the cylindrical soft ones as footrests, or square poufs to make them even more solid.chill out sofa set
  3. Alternatives. Why does it have to be a regular sofa? We can also resort to couches if we are looking for a more intense chill out decoration, to more modern pouf armchairs, or combine, as we said before, a traditional sofa with giant poufs.