Tips for decorating a small room

In this post we are going to give you general tips on how to furnish and decorate a small room. Whether it’s the master bedroom, the living room or the study… Put these tricks into practice and you’ll easily overcome this challenge.

Tips for decorating a small room

We have all imagined what our perfect home would look like at one time or another. The one in which we settle down for many years, and which we can call home. You finally find it, and although it may not be exactly as you thought it would be, you have a blank canvas in front of you, which you have to furnish and compose to your liking.


Are the rooms not the size you had in your head? Not sure how to make the most of your space? Write down these tips and put them into practice.

Light is our best ally

If you are lucky enough to have natural light in your room, you have already won a lot.

The clarity will make our space look much larger and give a greater sense of spaciousness. Avoid dark and very dense curtains, so that they let the sun’s rays pass through. The fabrics and translucent fabrics play a bigger role than you think in your new home.


Regarding artificial lighting, we recommend that the ceiling lamp should not be too overloaded. Look for simplicity, a warm light, perhaps a few porthole type spotlights will do the job perfectly.

If you’re looking for a sofa or bedside table lamp (if space allows), exactly the same. Something simple and slim, and if you can hang it on the wall you will be gaining space.

As for the color of the walls, go for colors that are good conductors of light. White in any of its shades (cream, off-white…) or pastel tones. Avoid dark or too bright colors. Don’t forget that we want to create a sense of clarity.

Decorating with mirrors is essential if you want to create a greater sense of spaciousness to any space in your home. They will help project the light coming in and make the space appear larger than it really is.

Fair but practical furnishings

The furniture with which to furnish a small room can be a headache. First, you must measure correctly, decide what you really need and take advantage of every last useful centimeter. You will undoubtedly need storage space, so we must look for practicality. Furniture plays a key role in this aspect.


It is true that the
custom-made furniture
can be somewhat more expensive than prefabricated furniture, but in small spaces they help us to make the most of the space and gain functionality.

A minimalist style will help to avoid cluttering the room, but you can choose what style you want to give it: classic, industrial, vintage

Take the cabinets up to the ceiling, and if they are built-in they will leave you plenty of free space for any other furniture. In addition, use sliding doors, since hinged door closets need to leave 100 cm free between the closet and the bed in order to open it without problems.

Uses the same element for different functions. For example, choose a bed with a sofa where you can store clothes, or a nice bedside table with a drawer where you can store what you need during the night.

If you don’t have room for a headboard for your bed, that’s okay! Use wallpaper, it will give a lot of personality to your room.


When decorating a small living room, opt for functional furniture. Using tables that do not take up much space and that can be extendable will help you save space at home when you are not using them.

It avoids having to fit large sets of furniture to the wall, such as TV furniture or living room cabinets. This way, when you need space, you can move them from one side to the other as you see fit.

Minimalist decoration

We recommend that you always keep it tidy. This may seem silly at first glance, but it is true that maintaining the proper order will give us a greater sense of spaciousness. In case of lack of space, storage boxes or baskets can be very useful. In addition, they will help to give it a different touch.


But for a truly different touch, we must choose a decorative element that will be the protagonist of the room. Take advantage of some beautiful books as decoration, a large indoor plant, a picture, a vinyl, or a photo or painting that is special to you.

With all these tips we want to convey the idea that less is always more, and that no matter how small your room is. There are a million alternatives, styles and colors to implement and get more out of it than you first thought.