Tips for decorating a country house

As you may have noticed, this summer has been a bit atypical in terms of vacation destinations. With the Coronavirus still present, many choose to avoid crowds, and that is where the rural houses are taking much more prominence. What used to be a vacation destination for a few, has become a destination for many. So much so, that many hotels and rural houses are have to hang the sold-out sign in their establishments, and it doesn’t look like they are going to take it down. take it down soon. Developing environments that inspire harmony, peace and delicacy is not so simple. To do this, we must have some knowledge in interior decoration focused on rural houses. Therefore, today we are going to show you 5 tips for decorating a house . field. Let’s start!

First of all, it is worth remembering that not everything starts with the type of material, the design or the colors. There is an extensive world of products with which to decorate it, and making the perfect combination is only easy if you keep a rural style, with touches of creativity and originality.

Tips for decorating a country house


There are countless tips we could give you to decorate your country house, but we don’t want to teach you robotically how to decorate it, we want you to be able to apply your own decoration style without generating repetitive designs. Therefore, there are four points to consider when decorating your cottage, which will make you think “out of the box” and make your home look different from the rest.

Central point between modern and original


You’ve probably had the chance to see some decorations that mix retro styles with geometric shapes on chairs o tables with strong textures, such as wood. This decoration technique is carried out to generate a contrast of antique and modern styles that, somehow, generates a balance that makes it look very original.

First of all, the best thing you can do when decorating a cottage is to
decorating a country house
is to stay within the visual limits. If you want to achieve a rustic decoration you must create an environment with all the elements around you, in addition to generating a perfect balance with the other elements. We recommend mixing only 2 styles in very subtle ways, so as not to invade the visual perception and generate that peace and originality. characteristic characteristic of the rural areas that we so desire.

Originality first and foremost


There are times when, in the quest to be unique or different in terms of decorating styles, we lose sight of what is truly important. Natural elements should be left natural, not altered or changed in their composition, and this is where we must look for the beauty of imperfection.

Irregular finishes on walls or other places in the home, in combination with other rustic pieces, either wood or stone can be a magnificent piece. However, excesses must be controlled, as we have already recommended above, neither too natural nor too artificial.

No more darkness with brown


Going against the general customs in decoration, this time we have to eliminate the constant use of dark colors in brown tones. It is essential to abandon this color in the decoration of rural houses, since the natural environment generates an atmosphere centered on shades of brown.

Therefore, we could opt for pastel tones, which manage to diffuse the strength of brown, psychologically generating more empathy for the environment, making the environment breathe and providing security when moving around the place. You also eliminate the curtains because it needs a very bright place, it would be interesting to add a little color to give a little distinction.

Do not recharge



It is a bad practice to believe that comfort depends on the furniture, but anyone can make a mistake. If we really want to generate an atmosphere of relaxation, we must focus on the minimalist.

When we create an overloaded environment with very large elements, what we do is overwhelm the mind. This creative freedom to add elements can only be done in spaces where many people live together, such as living rooms, but when it comes to bedrooms or bathrooms, it is best to be simple and minimalist. When we choose to make it less loaded, we are generating an environment with more air and we feel much more relaxed.


Now that you know these tips for decorating a cot tage it’s time to put them into practice. It is time to put everything in order, generate an atmosphere of peace and put a look unique and original look to your country house.