Tips for choosing poufs

Do you want to give a touch of indoor chill out decoration to your home or cafe decoration? The pouf is the first piece of furniture to think about, as well as the low tables that can be associated with it. Here are a few tips on how to choose poufs that may solve some of your doubts.

1. Round poufs or square poufs? This is influenced by the shape of the room and the shape of the furniture in the room. At first, one might think that a round table should have round poufs, and vice versa. In fact, it is the most advisable thing to do. But contrasts can also be created by combining shapes. Be careful, if it is not done well, it can generate a tension that is not typical of a chill out decoration.



2. Colors. This is simpler… They must be in tune with the general decoration and the color of the room. It does not seem advisable to have poufs of more than two different colors, but it is also true that poufs give a lot of play to make fun combinations, especially in more playful environments (children’s rooms, decoration of family rooms, etc.).



Customization of poufs
. By working with good leatherette, it is easy to customize the poufs with specific motifs or words. It is very useful in commercial cases, when sponsors are involved, or in children’s decoration to bring sympathy to the interior chill out decoration. If, however, you want to give a more solemn, uniform and relaxing look, it is better to use one or two flat colors that simplify the decoration.


4. Height. Lower poufs should be used with the users in mind, of course. But also in the height of other furniture, not just tables. If the shelves or sideboards are at a considerable height, the poufs should be taller and larger. If the decoration is at a medium height and we want to invite horizontality, low round poufs are ideal.

5. Size. It’s not as simple as choosing giant poufs for large spaces and small poufs for small spaces. The big ones will tend to stay in their original place, because they are more complicated to move, and the small ones can be here today and there tomorrow. The large ones are more relaxing and the small ones are for sitting for less time. Keep it all in mind.

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