Tips: Beach weddings

If you have marriage plans, nothing better than having your wedding on the beach. Here are some decoration tips to make your day unforgettable.


Weddings are extremely important events for those who decide to unite their lives through marriage. There are those who want a simple and cozy wedding, and those who yearn for a wedding in style. But they both agree on one thing: they want to have a wonderful memory of that day.banquet-wedding-beach-beach-sand-chill-out-summer-ideas

Although there are many spaces that talk about this possibility, there are very few that actually refer to getting married literally on the seashore, enjoying the breeze, the waves or the magnificent views of the sunset. For those lucky enough to celebrate this great day with their feet in the sand, don’t miss these original ideas for decorating a beach wedding.


The ideal would be an afternoon wedding with the sunset, or at night with a chill out lighting.


In the case of weddings by the sea, the decoration details can be simpler than in other places because the environment itself is already so beautiful that it is not necessary to overload. Here are some tips to help you.



If it is going to be placed on the sand, I advise you to spread a carpet of natural material or to place a boarding made of either
or recycled wood in the aisle that will be between the seats where the attendees will be seated at the ceremony for the comfort of the bride and groom to reach the altar.decoration_chillout_10

It is important that guests are comfortable, so you can place long benches with cushions.

To decorate the altar you can use flowers and some gauze or tulle fabrics in natural tones, which will move with the breeze, intertwined in a structure made with wooden branches.


For dinner you can place wooden tables with large natural-colored umbrellas, so that it is not uncomfortable to eat under the sun’s rays, and fans to cool off if the heat gets too hot. You can name each table after a coastal area of Spain or beaches you have visited together. You can also createchill out atmospheres with side tables,
on a carpeted surface.008


For centerpieces with candles, stones, flowers, shells, anything that evokes nature.

centerpiece ellahoy


If the wedding takes place in the afternoon or evening, I advise you to place some lanterns to point the way to the altar and hanging lamps around the tables and the chill out area. to illuminate the different environments. Torches stuck in the sand, perfect for an ethnic style wedding, can lead the way to the open bar. If you want something natural like candles, choose citronella candles to avoid insects.




It is clear that a wedding in a castle is not the same as a wedding on the beach. You could put a sketch of the location on the invitations. It would also be helpful to inform them of options for them to stay somewhere nearby or provide a bus for transportation. And if you want a wedding with some style, remember to let them know the dress code (formal, white, sandals, etc.).


I assure you that if you follow these simple tips, you will make your beach wedding a totally wonderful and unforgettable experience, both for you and your partner, as well as for your guests.

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