Tips and tricks for choosing the right textiles

Although it may not seem like it, textiles play a very important role in giving the final touch to the decoration of our home. They provide color, weave and texture according to our needs.


We consider this, a fundamental part of the decoration so take note of the keys to achieve the desired effect. The carpets, curtains, quilts and cushions
will add personality to the space.

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For the most daring

Taking risks with bold colors and textures can be a real success. If boho style is your thing , saturated tones and ethical textures for textiles is the best choice. The only thing you should keep in mind when decorating with these types of cushions or curtains is to offset these flashy elements with softer ones.

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Home textiles are not just about cushions and we must also take into account the fabrics we choose for our upholstered furniture. How this Chester sofa in antiqued leatherette.

For the classics

Natural is classic and trendy at the same time, and as such we translate it to fabrics. These include cotton and linen, which bring natural style to the space. The cushions with colorful striped pattern will be a complete success if your sofa is plain. You can also play with shapes, like our roller cushions, available in various fabrics and colors.

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For those who follow trends

Plain fabrics are mixed with prints full of color and character. The geometric patterns adopted from the Nordic style are very present. As well as natural or tropical motifs, such as leaves, flowers and animals. Although you can mix textures, try to keep the same color palette for sofa and cushions.

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