The Top Hotel Terraces

Today we show you hotel terraces that have been furnished by Fiaka. If you are looking to set up the terrace or garden of your hotel for your guests to spend unforgettable evenings with family or friends, our ideas are sure to inspire you.

There are many factors that guests take into account when booking a hotel room: the quality of service, the location of the hotel, whether it has a spa, whether it has a renowned restaurant… are influential factors when deciding.

But “a dream terrace can make our guests enjoy a special atmosphere that they will not easily forget”. In this sense, the hotel furnishings will have a lot to say.

Need a little inspiration for decorating hotel terraces? Here are some ideas to help you:

Hotel Terrace Decoration: Inspirational Ideas

Terrace of Hotel Gallery Center:

In the heart of Barcelona is the Hotel Gallery Center, which has a spectacular terrace where you can enjoy a drink both day and night.

The Top Hotel Terraces
Gallery Center Hotel Terrace

In terms of furniture, custom-made Balinese beds were manufactured to optimize the available space, which is very important, since the terrace will be profitable especially in the hottest months.

The Top Hotel Terraces

The Balinese beds convert into modular sofas according to the occasion, adapting completely to the needs of the guests. It is important to choose the right fabric, so that it is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. On this occasion the fabric chosen was Silvertex.

The Top Hotel Terraces

Terrace of Hotel Molina de Lario

Undoubtedly one of the best hotel terraces in Andalusia. One of the differentiating factors of a hotel terrace are the views, and the Hotel Molina de Lario undoubtedly has spectacular views of both the Cathedral of Malaga and the sea, a privilege for its customers.

The Top Hotel Terraces
Terrace of the Hotel Molina de Lario, Málaga

On this occasion, modular armchairs were made, accompanied by very summery cushions , which in addition to accompanying the decoration, allow customers to settle in for a pleasant evening.

The Top Hotel Terraces

The pool area is equipped with custom-made poufs and cushions, light and practical furniture, for the comfort of the guests during bathing.

Terrace Hotel Santo Domingo

We moved to the capital to present the terrace of the Hotel Santo Domingo in Madrid, where you can spend a more than pleasant time with family or friends, we can enjoy privileged views of the city.

The Top Hotel Terraces
Terrace of Hotel Santo Domingo, Madrid

This installation combines the Quatro tables, ideal for gaining space and giving the environment a fun and casual air. The tables are made of phenolic compact, a material composed of resins, very resistant and suitable for outdoors.

The Top Hotel Terraces

In addition, high lounge tables and stools are incorporated in the central area to differentiate different atmospheres within the same space. This will create a relaxed atmosphere suitable for those who love stools.

The Top Hotel Terraces
Customized furniture for hotels

A modular sofa area is integrated to create more intimate areas to enjoy pleasant moments.

In this project we used contract plus nautical leatherette, ideal for outdoors and for customization with logos.

Terrace Iberostar Alcudia Park

If we talk about stunning hotel terraces, we can not fail to show you this incredible terrace of the Hotel Iberostar Alcudia Park, which has a privileged location in Mallorca.

The Top Hotel Terraces
Terrace of the Hotel Iberostar Alcudia Park

This terrace is composed of a set of Balinese beds, which border very special jacuzzis, which speak for themselves. They are located high up so that the magnificent views are not lost in detail.

The Top Hotel Terraces
Customized Balinese Beds

The mattresses of the Balinese beds are double sheathed in PVC and acrylic canvas for greater protection and comfort of the users. In white and red stripes, which combine perfectly with the tone of the rest of the elements.

You can enjoy wonderful views of the Mediterranean while the stress melts away and gives way to a pleasant sea breeze.

What do you think of these terraces?