The ‘magic’ of recycling in decoration

Are you sure you’re going to get rid of that antique? Not that we intend to promote any Diogenes syndrome, but any tool or piece of furniture, however rare and rickety it may seem, can be recovered, restored or converted into something quite different. This is why it is necessary to think twice before throwing something in the trash can. In contrast to the throwaway consumerist philosophy, recycling and DIY ( Do it yourself) are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the field of decoration. What began as just another fashion, sponsored by the context of the crisis and the need to save money, has become a trend-setter and has become an art in the field of interior design.

recycling decoration
DIY mirror with plastic spoons
pallet furniture
From wooden slats to DIY TV cabinet. Via Style and Deco

The recycling-decorating couple oozes imagination, creativity and originality, so its presence allows creating unique environments, either on the terrace, bedroom or any other room in the house. The relentless search for spaces with personality and warmth has led interior designers to make frequent use of recycled furniture.
recycled furniture
to make a difference through pieces that are as unique as they are personal.

recycling decoration
From suitcase to table

Not surprisingly, the possibilities of this tandem are as wide as materials and designs can be imagined. The magic of recycling gives a second chance to the most diverse objects: tires can be transformed into a beautiful table and even an inspiring washbasin, cans into charming flowerpots and cans into charming flower pots and, as impossible as it may seem, even a cupcake wrapper can light up as a DIY lamp.
DIY lamp
. Anything is susceptible of becoming a very different ornament.

pallet sofa
Pallet sofa. Via In my living space

Recycling not only allows a low cost decoration or the renovation of interiors without
renovation of interiors without the need for
. It can turn reuse into an art form, giving rise to pieces with ‘soul’. Its use also goes beyond the rustic, vintage or industrial aesthetics to be part of any kind of style: from
chill out
to the Nordic through the eclectic environments. There are no limits to recycling in decoration. We show you 5 of the most versatile objects and materials when it comes to metamorphosis:

1. Pallet furniture

Pallet recycling tops the list, given the variety of pieces that can emerge from its wooden slats: pallet sofas, pallet tables, pallet loungers, pallet planters, etc. By their very structure, pallets allow the creation of furniture for any space. At Fiaka Ambient we have also designed our own line of pallet furniture.
pallet furniture
given its wide range of possibilities in interiors and exteriors.

fiaka ambient- pallet furniture
Pallet sofas and tables by Fiaka Ambient

2. Opening doors

When a door closes, a window opens. The popular saying also applies to decoration when we choose to give an old door a second chance. From its reuse can emerge furniture as beautiful as varied.

recycling old doors
From door to photo frame. Via Decoración Facilísimo
door converted into a shelf
From door to shelf. Via Catalina Island Door Bookcase

3. Stairs to heaven

Not only in the ‘Led Zeppelin’ theme do stairs lead to paradise. Even old ladders can lead to truly inspiring spaces.

recycled stairs
Via Fernanda Dalia

4. Wooden boxes

Whether individually or stacked, wooden crates are not only capable of fulfilling their function as storage space. They can also be transformed into charming furniture.

recycle wooden boxes
Wooden boxes converted into storage furniture.
recycling decoration
From wooden boxes to side table.

5. Cable reels

With little effort – just a little sandpaper and a coat of paint to treat the wood – cable drums can be transformed into tables and chairs ideal for industrial, vintage or rustic interiors.

recycling decoration
Via The lemon pear
recycle cable reel
From cable reel to table. Via Recycle(.)org