The influence of decoration and furnishings on customer satisfaction

When reading restaurant reviews, we realize that the décor is often one of the most important aspects that customers take into account. Beyond the dishes and the gastronomic aspect, design and decoration play an essential role in the customer experience. For this reason, we wanted to elaborate a series of factors with which to achieve customer satisfaction through the furniture and decoration of our hotel or restaurant.

Factors to achieve customer satisfaction through decoration and furnishings.

How important is the decoration and the choice of
furniture for hotels or restaurants
or restaurants and what efforts should be made to design a space that attracts the customer? There are many ways to do this, which makes it quite an interesting topic to explore.

The first impression: convincing the customer as soon as they walk in the door


Not everyone attaches the same importance to the decoration around them. That is why we must take into account the first impression of each and every one of our customers. Even think of those less sensitive to the aesthetic aspects of a place. Why? It’s simple. The feeling of pleasantness is in the subconscious of the customers, so the decoration, the choice of furniture for restaurants furniture for restaurants or hotels and the distribution of the same will play an essential role in making guests feel at ease. Don’t forget that, in the time customers spend in restaurants before the food reaches their tables, they are exposed to the furniture and décor. Therefore, these are some of the elements that serve to convince them, consciously or unconsciously, that they are in a place they like.

The choice of the color of the hotel or restaurant


Scientific studies have shown the extent to which colors can influence our mood and the way we analyze things. Colors are associated with different emotions and can unconsciously cause strong reactions in people. It is not surprising, therefore, that “warm” tones evoke warmth and tend to whet the appetite. The “cool” tones, however, should not be overlooked. They can be used to create a modern image that appeals to a large number of people.

Restaurant or hotel layout: a question of comfort and aesthetics


The arrangement of furniture in the space affects both customers and employees of the hotel or restaurant. Customers will appreciate if the furniture layout or décor makes them feel uncomfortable. The same is true for employees, whose mood can be influenced by the décor and design of the premises.

In addition, furniture and accessories should be chosen according to their aesthetics, but also to their ergonomics. For example, there is no point in having
nice but uncomfortable restaurant chairs.
but uncomfortable. If so, customers will want to finish their meal as soon as possible.

The role of decoration in the environment

The influence of decoration and furnishings on customer satisfaction

The ambiance in the restaurant or hotel is another criterion highly appreciated by customers. This factor can make the difference between what could be a pleasant night and a normal night. It doesn’t matter if the food is extraordinary or the hotel service is superb. If the atmosphere is bad or boring, the customer could leave with a bad impression of the place.

Decoration plays an important role in the ambiance of both hotels and restaurants. It is no exaggeration to say that the decisions made with respect to the decoration or the choice of furniture are, therefore, fundamental in creating the atmosphere that will govern the restaurant.

Therefore, when planning both the choice of furniture and the decoration of the space, it is important to take this factor into account. We must also always think about satisfying the type of customer the restaurant or hotel is targeting. Customers have different tastes depending on their lifestyle. For this reason, it is necessary to know them in depth and create an environment in which they feel comfortable.

Creates a decoration to encourage customer loyalty


The point to always remember is that the décor of a restaurant can affect customer satisfaction. It is necessary to know how to address the type of person we want to attract and the type of personality we want to give to the place. All this, of course, must be accompanied by good service and quality products that will convince our customers even more and make them come back again.

Do you think we have missed any factors that you consider fundamental to generating customer satisfaction through furniture?

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