The decorative trend of this summer 2018 that you can’t miss out on

I love you green!

Still don’t know the top trend of this summer 2018? We bring you this season’s freshest decorating news. Perhaps you yourself have already noticed that wherever you go, the same pattern follows you. Colorful, eye-catching and at the same time very summery, tropical leaves have conquered both the textile fashion sector and the world of decoration.

They are very inspiring when it comes to wearing this print and combining it with different pieces and colors. According to the top reference magazine El Mueble the green color was the protagonist of last year 2017, but the greenery trend is reborn with the emotive print that sneaks into every home and terrace in this 2018.

Your Amazon jungle look

With the arrival of summer, it’s time to refresh our closet with the latest fashion trends. And of course, this time we have a totally tropical style. Don’t forget to arm yourself with pamelas, dresses, suits and accessories in this range of green leaves. The queen of palm trees, leaves and tropical birds is Lilly Pulitzer who popularized this design in the 1960s and even came out with her own guide on how to have a colorful vacation. And who wouldn’t want to have a vacation like that?

All the stores have been filled with palm tree garments.

Trends in decoration: tips and tricks

Fashion not only influences what we wear, but also the decorative elements of our environment. To modernize the furniture of your terrace, living room or business, the trick is to make the right mix of fabrics and colors. The Amazon prints, although at first glance it seems so, are not difficult to combine.


Cushions: tropical themed prints are a perfect accessory to give a touch of color and vitality to your room. Experiment and create a relaxed atmosphere by combining natural fabrics with soft colored furniture. It is best when the main piece such as a sofa or armchair is a plain color. Complementing it with cushions of palm trees or leaves, you can add other cushions with similar prints or green or beige colors to have a summery corner.

Puffs: comfortable and functional, they are now also elements that help to keep a room cool and summery. It is the best complement you can choose to keep your home or business always up to date. Because a puff normally incorporates a removable cover, it is very easy to make use of the new trend. Simply get several covers of different tropical upholstery and change them as you see fit. Don’t be afraid to use these bold and colorful prints, just combine them with soft pastel colors. In order not to overload the environment, two or three puffs of this type will be enough for you to feel the spirit of the Amazon jungle.

Note: In Fiaka we have Amazonas fabric so you can combine it with your favorite furniture. Try it on a sofa, an armchair or on cushions.

Bet on a fun summer

As a decorative idea you can incorporate some pictures that complement your tropical room. Among all the crafts that can be made, we especially like one: a picture of leaves in a glass frame. These are natural leaves (choose the ones you like the most) that, first of all, you have to dry for a while under pressure on a newspaper. When all the moisture has been removed, pick them up and carefully place them in a frame that you have chosen beforehand. The style is just up to you: you can opt for a glass one with a golden rim if you want something more elegant and chic, or a wooden one if you prefer to give it a natural touch.

You can also opt for the most economical idea out there. What many interior designers do is to frame the piece of fabric that was used to upholster the main furniture such as sofas or armchairs. In this way it is very easy to create the unity of the design of different elements of the same room. Try it with the tropical leaves, you will love it for sure.

Keep up to date with the latest news and curiosities, we will help you. And most importantly, whether decorating your home or enjoying an evening with your friends don’t forget to enjoy yourself to the fullest, because summer 2018 there will only be one!

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