Terraces at low temperatures

We imagine a sunny day, and we can only think of relaxation and an outdoor terrace, we believe that there is no better possible combination, but… with this cold? Of course!!!!

Taking advantage of the winter season, there are many outdoor terraces, which seduce mountain lovers to enjoy the atmosphere at any temperature.

Without going any further, we have the example of our colleagues at Primero-B, a marketing and communication agency that shapes various projects such as Cacaolat in the ski resort of La Molina in the Catalan Pyrenees.

snow terrace

This season Cacaolat has dressed the slopes of La Molina in yellow, offering a very warm moment of rest in the middle of the skiing day.

Skiers who go down the Trampolí ski slope, next to the free style area, can now recharge their batteries with a hot Cacaolat tasting while sitting comfortably on the poufs made by Fiaka Ambient.


candle puffs
are ideal for any room with personality and character as they adapt completely to the shape of your body. Its contract leatherette fabric makes them perfectly resistant to the atmospheric conditions that this space offers, and they do not suffer any type of damage, whether it is rain, snow, or very low temperatures.

puff and snow

If you don’t pass by the Trampolí slope, take a good look because the Cacaolat “backpack-man” walks around the rest of the slopes of the resort offering tastings of products such as original cacaolat, cacaolat 0% for those who take care of their body, and cacaolat upp! for the little ones.

cocoa delivery

What is yours? Do you dare to enjoy the low temperatures in a puff fiaka?