Table for a chill out & lounge bar

More than once we have talked about furniture for decorating a chill out or lounge, two styles with many similarities, but also with differences. This time we would like to focus on a very specific element: the tables.

Generally speaking, both types of decoration use low or floor-level side tables with simple lines. However, in terraces and lounge bars, high tables are also often used to differentiate ambience and functionality. For example, they place high tables in the area designed for eating and low tables in another area designed more for the clientele to relax and have a drink.

table decoration lounge bar
Square and round high tables

For chill out decoration, tables are usually chosen in white, the color par excellence of this style, or wood, since this aesthetic usually uses materials that evoke nature. Other tones such as earth tones, yellows, blues and lilacs – also characteristic – are very common in places with this interior design and lounge bar, where it is also common to see them in black and red.

chill out lounge bar table

Tables can help to add a touch of color to the venue, complemented by cushions, other textiles and ornamental details or the lighting itself.

Before choosing the tables we recommend that you take into account whether the material or fabric with which they are made is suitable for outdoors, because, otherwise, contact with the sun, humidity and friction with the ground can deteriorate them in a very short time, degrading their color and ‘tattooing’ stains that will last longer than the furniture itself because they are impossible to clean.

table decoration chill out lounge bar
Rectangular Balinese table

There are numerous models of tables for chill out & lounge premises. We talk about some available in our catalog, customizable with the logo of the premises (hotel or company) and its corporate colors or the incorporation of different models of legs. We also design them to measure, making the idea of your dream table come true:

Balinese table

It is the Balinese bed’s better half, as it is inspired by the same aesthetic line as the Balinese bed. It also has a rustic and natural look that makes it ideal for terraces and gardens, both in its square version (50 cm x 50 cm x 52 cm. high) and rectangular (100x 50x 52). In fact, it is especially suitable for outdoor decoration, since its wood is treated with ultraviolet radiation protectors, so that exposure to the sun does not damage it.

table decoration chill out lounge bar
Rectangular Balinese table, next to a Balinese bed.
table decoration lounge chill out bar
Square Balinese table.

Cylindrical tables

Cylindrical tables are used to create modern and elegant indoor environments.

table decoration chill out lounge bar
Indoor cylindrical table.

For both indoor and outdoor chill out, the phenolic cylinder table (rigid or soft) has a very resistant and easy to clean phenolic compact top, since it is a waterproof material that does not absorb stains.

table decoration chill out lounge bar
Phenolic soft table
table decoration chill out lounge bar
Rigid phenolic table.

Cubic (or square) tables

This piece triumphs in the decoration of chill out places. Its model adapted for small spaces – the cubic table 50 – is available in leatherette or nautical fabric, especially adapted for outdoors. Its large indoor version, a rigid and sophisticated side table, is also used in all types of interior design as a coffee table or side table.

table decoration chill out lounge bar
Cubic table 50

Phenolic cubic tables (either rigid or soft) are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This versatility makes it possible to use it on terraces when the weather permits, but also indoors when it does not.

table decoration chill out lounge bar
Soft phenolic cubic table.
table decoration chill out lounge bar
Rigid phenolic cubic table.

Quatro Tables

They allow grouping four poufs inside to save space in small venues, where the capacity can be increased with a simple gesture: remove their seats. In addition, the pouff and the structure of the table itself (also available in phenolic) can be combined in different colors, which increases its possibilities in the decoration of hotels and premises.

table decoration chill out lounge bar
Quatro phenolic and black and white tables with cubes.