Swimming pool furniture

The swimming pool is one of the summer spaces par excellence and an essential attraction for many businesses. Few hotels do not offer this service to their guests. More and more summer terraces and restaurants are also incorporating this leisure space to differentiate themselves from the rest, something vital in the restaurant sector, especially in times of crisis. Also in the home -when space and economy permit- it is usually incorporated into the patio or garden, becoming the meeting and leisure point par excellence.

Swimming pool decoration
Luciane Home Bunch

A successful decoration of this space maximizes the beauty that, in itself, usually has, transforming it into an idyllic corner where to disconnect, relax and enjoy. To achieve this goal, the first step is to choose the pool furniture. Before selecting them, we must bear in mind that not all materials are suitable for outdoors. Some furniture is not resistant to the water and humidity typical of aquatic spaces. Others lose their color due to prolonged exposure to the sun, deteriorate due to the usual friction caused by being outdoors, or are not easy to clean, even though outdoor stains are more frequent.

In this post we have selected some furniture for the decoration of dream swimming pools, designed, in addition, with special materials for outdoors, so they do not deteriorate by the action of water, high temperatures or friction.

Balinese bed

Due to its exotic air, it is usually used in the decoration of hotels and summer terraces. Its different models make it as practical as it is beautiful. The Balinese bed with canopy and curtains offers guests an intimate space to sit or lie down in the shade. Without a canopy, either round or rectangular in shape, it becomes a comfortable ‘lounger’ to be caressed by the sun’s rays. The modular ones, due to the possibility of combining different figures, allow you to change the decoration as you wish. This versatility has significantly increased their demand.

Hotel decoration with Balinese bed
Balinese beds with canopy in the swimming pool of Hotel Can Pere
pool decoration
Balinese beds without canopy surrounding a swimming pool.
swimming pool furniture
Balinese bed without canopy. Via Virlova
Swimming pool decoration
Modular Balinese Bed
swimming pool furniture
Circular Balinese bed. Image via Topuru

Design sun loungers

There are numerous models of sun loungers, as many as there are tastes. Here are three of marine design and inspiration, also available in our catalog: Duna, Bahia and Cala. In hotels and terraces they are usually placed around the pool area combined with side tables to give an elegant and sophisticated touch.

swimming pool furniture
Duna sun loungers. Image via Evan Walker

Marine puff

Due to its large size and the possibility of molding it to your liking, the Marina giant pouf can be used as a lounger or as a comfortable seat. A very original puff that gives a casual air to the pools, so it is often used to give a youthful touch.

swimming pool furniture
Puff Marina. Via The Pool

On-site seating

In the Greek, Mediterranean or Ibizan style pools, it is common to use the masonry seats for decoration, combined with cushions. In this case, it is necessary to get custom-made cushions so that their width, length and shape match those of the seat in question.

Swimming pool decoration
Via Home Deco Garden.

Side table with puff

A practical, comfortable and very aesthetic option for pool decoration. There are numerous models of side tables, which can be combined with rigid puff or soft puff in cubic or cylindrical shapes.

swimming pool furniture

Outdoor sofas

To create glamorous and elegant atmospheres in the pool, it is best to opt for sofas complemented with armchairs that invite you to enjoy the outdoors while relaxing 100%. A sunset or a starry sky on a comfortable sofa near the water is unforgettable.

swimming pool furniture
Via Dream Homes Pool
pool decoration
Via Outside

A design classic: the BKF chair

This design classic has become an outdoor icon. Whether alone or in combination, the Butterfly or BKF chair is enough on its own to make outdoor spaces stand out. This makes it ideal for the decoration of swimming pools.

outdoor decoration
BKF chair. Image via Deco Design 84