Survey #GH12mas1

The current edition of TeleCinco’s Gran Hermano contest, known as ’12 + 1′, is being a success and is giving a lot to talk about. But in the matter at hand, decoration and furniture, it is really breaking the mold. We know this because is a collaborator of the program, and the success of the raffle we did for a trunk like the one in the bedrooms and in the washing machine room was a real scandal.

But our blog and our mail receive other queries about other furniture in the house, and we would like to know your opinion about the decoration and furniture of Big Brother. Which is your favorite? We detail below our top 5 of the furniture of the Big Brother 12 plus 1 house.

1. The trunk or chest of Big Brother. Well, it is the first on our list because they are ours and we are very proud to see them, in different colors in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra, and because we think it is a perfect, colorful and practical solution to problems of space and order.

Big Brother 12+1 Trunks

2. The multicolored sofa in the living room. It requires a very large space to be installed in harmony, but it is one of the winners of the current edition of Big Brother. Different textures and colors make it very attractive, although there are those who find it not very serious.

Big Brother 12+1 Lounge

3. The giant poufs. As manufacturers of poufs that we are, we bet on these elements for a relaxing and comfortable decoration. Very similar to the ones that appear in the Guadalix de la Sierra house are the Marina Giant Poufs.

Swimming Pool Big Brother 12+1

The wallpaper throughout the house
. It is very clear that this year wallpaper and decorative vinyls are in. In the Big Brother house, they have also had original ideas (very television-like, of course) to apply it in the bathroom or in the kitchen, to give two examples.

Big Brother 12+1 Bathroom

5. Pots with herbs and spices hung on the kitchen wall in pots. In the absence of freedom, these ways of creating a sort of inner courtyard feeling decorate the wall of a kitchen (it must be a huge kitchen) with a lot of life. Real life. Put plants in your house!

Big Brother 12+1 Kitchen

About this furniture we propose you a poll in case you want to vote for your favorite Big Brother furniture. Vote with your comments. If there are others that we have not mentioned, you can let us know in the same way. Thank you!