Surf House Ibiza, fun and comfort

Surf House Ibiza, fun and comfort
Surf House Ibiza is the first tourist sports complex in Ibiza dedicated to the world of surfing.

The summer heat invites you to sunbathe, to relax quietly in the company of family and friends. It is about disconnecting from the complications of the rest of the year without giving up fun, a time for many establishments to make their facilities as comfortable as possible.

This is the case of the tourist and sports complex Surf House Ibiza, a space dedicated to surfing and inaugurated this summer, whose managers contacted Fiaka Ambient to complete their resting area with our
customized cushions
that, thanks to their original shapes, offer great comfort.

Surf House Ibiza, fun and comfort
A place for fun and relaxation.

The particularity of this attractive space is that it has the first flowrider of Ibiza, a pool with waves that has become one of the main attractions of the island. It also has its own music program and live shows, a restaurant where the Mediterranean diet is present and a cocktail bar has been set up.

A place like this requires furnishings according to the quality of the offer: private spaces with Balinese beds, VIP areas, loungers and beds on the sandy beach, Beach Volleyball field and even a store with the best brands in the world of surfing in terms of sportswear.

Precisely, the outdoor spaces for rest are designed to relax after the fun in the chill out terraces. Here, the style of personalized decoration that has been chosen is very important.

In Surf House Ibiza they have managed to make the spaces comfortable, the pieces of furniture fit together like a puzzle to create a special and balanced atmosphere.

Surf House Ibiza, fun and comfort
Fiaka Ambient cushions guarantee rest.

The aforementioned tourist and sports complex contacted Fiaka Ambient to complete the decoration of the relaxation area by acquiring cushions to complement the Balinese beds, sun loungers and the rest of the furniture.

And as we have said on more than one occasion, details make the difference. In Fiaka we have several models of cushions with different materials and colors. Surf House Ibiza opted for the rectangular model but there are others depending on the decoration that is intended to print the space. For example, there is the triangular cushion for use as a backrest on Balinese beds without a canopy or on large surfaces, the
pyramidal cushion
cushion, upholstered in poly leather and padded with wadding; the
roller cushion
as an original and functional pillow, or the
square cushion
. All of them can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

The result is obvious. Surf House Ibiza has everything to seduce.