Summer inspiration on the terrace

Not only the calendar, but also the rising thermometers indicate that summer is here. Season of refreshing dips and sun, but above all to enjoy the outdoors. To make the most of the outdoor spaces of the home -or premises- at this time of the year, it is best to give them a charming and refreshing summer look. So terraces, balconies and gardens will be ready to relieve the heat during the day, but also to enjoy the summer evenings by starlight – and why not, by candlelight. These tips will help you to make the decoration of your summer terraces as aesthetic as practical:

Use awnings, umbrellas or net curtains…

If something cannot be missing in a summer terrace is shade to prevent the moments when temperatures reach their maximum from being unbearable. No matter how much of a sun lover you may be, we recommend dedicating a space to take shelter from the heat. The best option is to place an umbrella, an awning or a pergola with net curtains in this area -usually the one dedicated to eating, reading, resting or having a drink in company. Separated from this corner -and if possible close to the swimming pool, if there is one- you can reserve a place to enjoy the rays of Don Lorenzo on a deck chair. This way you will be able to show off your tanned skin, with care and sun protection!

summer terrace decoration
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summer terrace decoration
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summer terrace decoration
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Summer terrace furniture

On other occasions we have already talked about the characteristics that outdoor furniture should have, as well as the furniture for summer terraces. On this occasion, we will mention some pieces that should not be missed to enjoy the summer, as they are designed to make the most of this season.

summer terrace decoration
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This is the case of
sun loungers
or hammocks, essential in summer spaces. The models will depend on the aesthetics of the terrace in question: if it is chill out, lounge, Ibiza or Mediterranean style, you can opt for elegant lines, minimalist design with a chic touch that, above all, are very comfortable and relaxing. For rustic and vintage environments combine very well with wicker, rattan or recycled pallet loungers.
recycled pallet sun loungers

summer terrace decoration
Fiaka Ambient Balinese bed.

Another icon in summer terraces -mainly chill out, lounge, Ibizan and Mediterranean- are the Balinese beds, with or without canopy, circular or square. Their unique and exotic beauty and the possibility of choosing different models to create different atmospheres make them as versatile as they are beautiful.

Custom-made mats for building site seating or pallets and pallet furniture furniture made with palletsThe trend in the decoration of terraces, are also ideal for creating charming summer corners.

summer terrace decoration
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Likewise, the
puff beds
and poufs in general – whether rigid, soft, pear or armchair – are as charming as they are useful for comfortable and relaxing seating, with the advantage that they take up very little space. Its wide variety of shades also allows you to add touches of color that contrast or complement the chromatic line of the terrace.

summer terrace decoration
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Flowers and plants give color, aroma and life to summer terraces. Its presence also helps to alleviate temperatures. With this idea in mind, we recommend species that can be entangled along the walls -to guide them you can use trellises- or that allow to ‘weave’ over time a roof becoming a beautiful ‘vegetal pergola’, ideal to provide shade. When choosing plants, we recommend choosing varieties that repel insects, such as jasmine, a very good mosquito repellent, and avoid, on the other hand, those that have a ‘magnet’ effect for wasps, among other flying insects, whose presence can be annoying. Therefore, before choosing plant varieties, it is best to consult the nursery.

summer terrace decoration
Plants provide relief from high temperatures.
summer terrace decoration
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Details, accessories and colors

The details and complements provide notes of color and beauty to the summer terrace. Through textile complements such as
outdoor cushions
cushions or pillows, a cozy feeling is transmitted. They can be complemented with other decorative pieces, such as glass vases with flowers, vases, original candle holders orcolorful flower pots and planters to create a cheerful and refreshing atmosphere. Prints, vibrant and fluorescent tones, as well as those that evoke the earth and the sea – browns, blues, greens – are very popular outdoors during the summer. The presence of wood and stone elements, as well as elements that evoke nature, is also frequent in summer terraces.

summer terrace decoration
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summer terrace decoration
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summer terrace decoration
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For summer, it is best to opt for intimate and soft lighting. Candlelight, an ethnic or exotic lamp on the floor -very fashionable this year-, LED lights, lanterns or lanterns for terraces and gardens are some of the many options. In the case of the premises -also in the home- some backlit piece
backlit piece, be it a floor lamp
Whether it is a floor lamp, spheres or planters that highlight the most beautiful plants and flowers, it provides an elegant contrast.

summer terrace decoration
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