Special moms. Special gifts.

Mother’ s Day is approaching and surely you are already starting to think about what gift to give her and get it right, as it is not always easy to hit the nail on the head. It is a very special day when we want to celebrate our love for our mothers. It is a great job that moms do every day and we want to show it to them. We look for the perfect gift for them and sometimes it can be complicated. Don’t do what you do every year. If you need a gift something more than special we suggest these that you will not be able to resist. She deserves it!

2×1 BKF Chair

If you want a really original gift that will surprise mom, prepare a chill out corner where she can relax in an outdoor area of the house. This promotion includes
2 BKF chair
Purple and you can combine them with a
upholstered coffee table

Promo 2×1 BKF Chair – Fiaka

Pack 2 Light Blue Cubes

Fiaka’s rigid cube puff puffs
are a classic. A cube-shaped pouf upholstered in Spradling’s Vogue heavy-duty vinyl fabric in Glace color. Very comfortable to sit on and do not lose their shape. And they are very light, so you can move them easily. It can be the perfect gift for mom’s favorite corner.

Light Blue Cubes Pack – Fiaka.es


Special Mother’s Day Pear Puff

If you prefer to tell her how you feel with words, this is the gift for you. This adult size pear puff embroidered with this original phrase.“There is only one mother and there is none like mine“.

PufOnline – Mother’s Day