Space problems in your restaurant? Choose the right chairs!

It is quite uncomfortable to be eating in a restaurant and notice how the furniture or the layout of the same hinder the stay, making it can even cause a feeling of overwhelm. Many furniture manufacturing companies are aware of this problem of lack of space in some restaurants. For this reason, they have the expertise to develop and manufacture new, fully functional designs that eliminate this problem. Would you like to know what to base your choice of chairs for small restaurants on? Stay and find out!

What to consider when choosing chairs for small restaurants?


First of all, we must assess the space available in the restaurant. Not only the space for chairs and tables, but we must take into account that the aisles must be wide to allow customers to enter and exit in an orderly manner without disturbing other diners. It’s not just about choosing the right furniture, it’s about making the customer feel comfortable at all times.

For this reason, we have compiled a series of tips to help you make a better choice.

Harmony between chairs and tables

When choosing the model of chairs and tables for your restaurant, it is necessary that they fit perfectly with each other. We recommend that you choose a suitable size between the two to try to gain space. It is a good option to choose chairs without armrests so that you can attach the backrest to the table as much as possible when not in use. With this little trick you will gain some space between tables and your customers will have enough space to access their table.

Restaurant style

All the furniture must be in accordance with the ambiance and decoration you have decided to give to your restaurant. Whether your decor is industrial, vintage, modern, rustic or classic, the chairs and tables should be of the same decorative style.

Chair comfort

One of the main factors that determines whether a customer enjoys their stay is their comfort in the restaurant. If you’ve put a lot of effort into providing quality food or excellent service, don’t throw it all away by choosing chairs that aren’t comfortable enough for your customers. Remember that the more comfortable your customers feel in the restaurant, the more likely they are to repeat.

The quality of the chairs

In any restaurant, chairs are subjected to intense use by customers throughout the day. For this reason, you should always make sure to choose comfortable chairs made of quality materials.

Types of chairs for small restaurants


Stacking chairs

manufacturers of hospitality furniture offer a large number of stackable models, so you can have a number of chairs stacked
offer a large number of stackable models, so you can have a number of chairs stacked on top of each other and reserved in case some are missing.

Benches with backrest

benches for restaurants
is one of the most used pieces for premises with lack of space. It is a modular sofa with an elegant and simple design that provides excellent functionality when it comes to taking advantage of every centimeter in the distribution of the restaurant.

Other considerations for small restaurants



are a great option for this type of restaurant, since they take up less space and can accommodate a larger number of customers. There are a large number of different stool models on the market, both with and without backrest, which are very practical and comfortable.

Avoid using chairs with wide arms

If your intention is to take advantage of all the available space, it is best to discard the use of chairs with wide arms due to the large amount of space they take up, thus reducing the capacity to receive customers.

Maintaining a restaurant with the best level of comfort for your customers is a difficult task and requires a lot of planning and effort. We are confident that you can now make the right choice when it comes to saving space with your new restaurant chairs.