Sofas for a chill out place (II)

In our last article we talked about sofas and armchairs for chill out & lounge decorationThese are fashionable styles in cafes, terraces, pubs and nightclubs because of their design focused on the comfort and relaxation of the clientele. Both aesthetics, as we have already mentioned, seek to create comfortable environments where balance, tranquility and peace leave aside the problems, routine and the rush of today’s society.

In this new post we complete this first installment with ideal models (and available in our catalog) to create this type of interiors in premises.

Nantes sofas and armchairs

Its minimalist and modern design, with straight and simple lines, adds a chic touch to the decoration of premises. Both sofas and armchairs are often used to decorate avant-garde environments.

outdoor chill out
Nantes sofas and armchairs

Menorca Models

Although they combine with any style, they triumph in the decoration of chill out terraces and outdoor lounge cafes. The elegance of its straight lines and the possibility of using different pieces of the same model – armchairs, sofas of different seats and corner pieces – multiplies the options when it comes to composing different charming interiors and making the most of the space.

decoration of chill out premises
Menorca sofa and corner sofa.

Divan IOS

Its pure, simple and modern lines, without armrests, allow it to be combined with other sizes of the same model, which makes IOS armchairs, divans and corner chairs very versatile pieces for the decoration of premises.

chill out & lounge decoration
Two- and three-piece IOS sofa combined with an armchair and a corner sofa of the same line.

Gran Canaria

The modular design of the
Gran Canaria models
models (armchairs, corner pieces and ottomans) make it adaptable to any type of environment and style.

chill out & lounge decoration
Gran Canaria armchair, corner and ottoman.

Chill out armchair

With its smooth, simple and modern lines, the
chill out armchair
is designed for premises with this aesthetic, although it is also used in terraces with a Mediterranean and Ibizan look.

Chill Out Armchair

Madeira armchair

Inspired by the Portuguese island of the same name, the Madeira armchair
Madeira armchair
has an elegant and sophisticated design that makes it the perfect piece for lounge style venues.

chill out chair
Madeira armchair

Modular Armchair

It offers multiple combinations and uses. It is a wide armchair with a reclining backrest that can be adjusted to any position. It is a great option for small premises, as it allows for different compositions. Also for terraces, since it can be combined in many different ways to make the most of the space.

chill out & lounge decoration
Modular armchairs.

Mallorca Armchair

Its curved and modern lines, with a futuristic air, make the Mallorca armchair
Mallorca armchair
a tailor-made piece for pubs, discotheques and terraces with its own character.

chill out decoration
Mallorca Armchair
chill out decoration
chill out terrace decorated with the Mallorca armchair.