Sofas for a chill out & lounge

More and more venues are opting for a chill out & lounge decoration for their interior design. This aesthetic began to be used mainly in summer terraces and open-air venues. But for some years now it has also been making a strong presence in pubs, cafés and discotheques. The reasons? The chill out decoration is designed to create unique places: peaceful havens designed to make comfort a maxim, leaving the stress and rush of today’s society out of the way. Time does not run at a tick-tock gallop, nor are there any problems. Just relax…

This basic philosophy is translated at a practical level into environments of singular beauty, where superfluous elements disappear to give way to comfortable furniture and details that are beautiful in their simplicity. The interior design is designed, in short, to create that ‘magical bubble’ where time seems not to pass and where you can only enjoy the rest, having a drink in the company of good music and friends.

Furnishings, materials, lighting, colors, textiles and even the smallest ornament are chosen for this purpose. For this reason it is necessary to choose well the pieces. To help you achieve this, in a previous article we told you about
tables for this type of interior design
. On this occasion, however, we will focus on one of the backbones of this decoration: sofas and armchairs.

In order not to be too long, we will divide the article into two installments. We start the first one with these five models from our catalog:

Balinese bed

The Balinese bed has become an icon of chill out & lounge decoration: it is elegant, very comfortable and exotic. In terraces and swimming pools, models with a canopy or circular bed are usually chosen, while in enclosed spaces it is more common without a canopy.

It is usually chosen for the decoration of spacious and open spaces. Smaller pubs and cafés opt for pieces such as the modular bed, for its multiple combinations and possibilities, or the one-piece bed without a canopy.

Hotel decoration with Balinese bed
Balinese beds in the swimming pool of Hotel Can Pere
decoration of chill out premises
Fiaka canopy white Balinese bed.

2. Site-built sofas and pallet sofas

Recycling has become an unparalleled trend in interior design. For this reason, many venues opt to include recycled furniture in their chill out decoration. In this line, the most popular
sofas and pallet sofas
. For its creation, it is best to use custom-made pallet cushions and construction site seats that fit perfectly and prevent the customer from feeling uncomfortable.

Custom-made mattresses
Fiaka’s custom-made cushions and cushions at Oniris Lounge bar.

3. Sigmund Divan

The divans, as we have commented on occasion, are pieces that are culturally associated with reflection, as well as romantic and glamorous environments, because of their own history: romantic literature made them fashionable between 1820 and 1850, when they spread through boudoirs and cafes. And Freud internationalized them as the seat par excellence of psychoanalysis, as we already told you in the article on decorating with couches.

For the same reason, pubs, cafes and discotheques of chill out & lounge aesthetics that seek to differentiate themselves by their decoration opt for this piece of great beauty.

divan chill out
Sigmund Divan

4. Cabrera sofas and armchairs

Cabrera sofas and armchairs are inspired by the Mediterranean island of the same name. Its straight and simple lines, as well as sophisticated and full of modernity, are ideal for the decoration of lounges and pubs.

chill out sofa
Cabrera sofa and armchairs

5. Rainbow sofas and armchairs

These models are ideal to give an elegant, chic and avant-garde touch to the premises. Its soft and modern lines make it an exceptional piece for chill out & lounge decoration. Spacious pubs usually combine the two-seater rainbow sofas with the armchairs of this line (in both cases you can opt for a higher or lower backrest).

local chill out decoration
Rainbow low one-seater armchair.
local chill out decoration
Rainbow high two-seater sofa.